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"I just saw the official dates on the notice board! This means VXI's annual sports games will be held next m---"

The cafeteria's door burst open---no, it got kicked down. Everyone coughed when dust began diffusing across the open space.

Twelve good-looking men sauntered in, wearing their proud varsity jackets which the back displays three words. VXI Football Team.

Handsome, charming, famous, hot, muscular---whatever adjective you can describe about perfect men all comes from no other than VXI High's football team.

However, they can also be rude jerks, mean bullies and arrogant assholes. Especially the man who ties a red bandana around his forehead. The man who wears piercings and rings like a sexy devil. The man who has all the girls swooning and bending over for him. The man who even has the power to make men gay.

They call him V. And he's the captain of the football team.

"VXI's Sports Day is a month from now," V pointed at an innocent-looking girl sitting on a table. "Jennie, you dumb cunt. Watch me beat your ass in every fucking event." He growled.

Jennie dropped her porcelain plate on the floor and smirked. "Would like to see you try, V." She jumped off the table and her cheerleading gang walked towards the football players, crossing their arms.

Meet Jennie Kim, the captain of the cheerleading team, also known as V's biggest rival. Jennie is the hottest and the most athletic person among the girls, and even some boys. She is the fastest sprinter, the highest jumper, the swiftest swimmer. She is the girl who has powerful stamina.

In VXI High, there is no one-size-fits-all time when genders should be separated, meaning that male and female can be mixed when it comes to sports. This makes physical education more entertaining the whole school gets to watch the baddest boy and the sexiest girl compete with each other.

"Recess is over, kids. Cut it out, cut it out!" The President of the Student Council stepped between the two squads. "Ugh, Jisoo. Not you again." Jennie rolled her eyes.

"Jennie Kim and Kim Taehyung! Detention in the chemistry lab, for the fifth time of the week." She scribbled down on her notepad and passed papers to them.

The captains gasped, "Six hours of detention?! You can be serious, Jisoo."

"In this institute, discipline comes first before sports." Jisoo held her nose high, pushing up her big glasses and walked off. "Fucking hell!" V flipped a table, causing the students' trays and lunches to spill on the floor.

Jennie stormed away, kicking a chair in the process. "Watch it, nerd!" She snarled at the boy who accidentally bumped her shoulders. "Sorry, sorry." Namjoon pushed up his glasses and scurried away.

Other than their flawless looks and being prominent captains, Taehyung and Jennie are also known for having the biggest grudges. That's why no one dares to mess with them.

As soon as Jisoo exited the cafeteria, her nose twitched at the unpleasant smell. Her eyes slowly drifted to the mint-hair boy leaning on the lockers.

"Min Yoongi," Jisoo called lowly. She pulled the cigarette out from his mouth and squashed it with her heels. "This ain't a smoking zone."

"Wait 'till my father hears about this." Yoongi gritted his teeth, sliding his hands into his pockets and marched away.

The president soon called the boy who was mopping the floor at the far corner: "Janitor Seokjin." She pointed at the crushed cigarette. "Clean this up."

While Yoongi was strolling along the hallways, a sudden burst of screams erupted. When the boy lazily turned back, his eyes widen and ran to the side.

Thousands of female students, from juniors, sophomores and seniors ran passed the intruged boy with books and hello kitty pens.

"Jimin-oppa, you're so handsome!"

"Min-Min oppa, please sign my book!"

"Senpai, please marry me and have my children!"

"Oh my god, Jimin! You make me wet everyday~"

Yoongi had to tip-toed to see what was going on. Oh, it was just Park Jimin, a basketball player, famous for his looks.

Jimin, who just came out of the gym, was busy signing autographs and taking pictures for the girls even though he was terribly exhausted. He called his fans, JiminAngels, and even held fanmeetings for them every Wednesdays.

"So fucking short." Yoongi muttered.

He sub-consciously glanced through a transparent glass of the dancing room and saw a well-known dancer, Jung Hoseok dancing to STB' Mic Drop.

Hoseok is a very quiet and humble person. Usually the only times where students could actually see him is on stage during VXI's Got Talent which is held every three months in the school hall.

"Lame." Yoongi scoffed, lighting another cigarette and pushing it through his lips.

Then, a red-haired girl with a beanie accidentally slapped her books at Yoongi. "Fuck off, Roseanne." He scowled.

Rose snickered, "Get run by my mom's a car, you dipshit." And continued walking away.

Soon after, Rose met at a familiar boy hiding behind the lockers, munching on cheap crackers. "Skipping classes for the 118th time, aren't you?" Rose grimaced. "No wonder your parents left you."

Jungkook stood up and threw his food at her face. "For once in your meaningless life; Leave. Me. Alone."

Rose whined and picked the crumbs out in her hair. "You're dead when I see you again, Jeon!" She screamed at the student, stomping away.

At the far end of the hallway, a gothic girl sat on a bench, painting her nails black. When she noticed the grumpy boy coming towards her direction, she stuck out her leg.

Jungkook tripped and terribly fell to the floor, his whole face squashed hard by the grey tiles. "What is your problem!" He yelled at the girl.

The girl stared at Jungkook blankly. "Emotional whore." He dusted his bruised knees. When he limped away, her phone rang.

"Manoban, a special customer demands for ice. If you come and offer him service now, your pockets will soon be filled with 20% of commissio---" The girl calmly ended the call and walked to the nearest window.

She pulled out two daggers from her jacket and began climbing down the seven-floor building.

Yes, she is escaping school. And more than that, she is a drug dealer.

As you can see, these eleven students have individual roles in life; some bad, some good and some just neutral. Secondly, most of them aren't in good terms with one another.

So what happens when they are all coincidentally paired up in the same camping team and gets lost in a forest they aren't familiar of?

The answer is simple: hell will effortlessly break loose.

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a new bookiee !!! to the people giving a chance to this story, i will do my best and not dissapoint you. have faith in me !!!! :D

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