Episode 2

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Seoul's Number One
Institute of Excelled Victors

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High school.

Where kissing strangers, drinking cheap beer and unprotected sex are compacted into one building. That's my definition of high school. And the synonym is hell.

VXI High, a well-known institute in Seoul that provides quite a number of useful courses, is nothing like that.

It's even worse.

Principal Min always expected pupils to excel in their studies due to their excellent past results during their middle school years. He thought they were going to be the smartest, the better futures of Korea.

But as soon as they came into VXI, their marks dropped significantly.

They were so bad that their school name on the academic rankings among the schools in Seoul was like the Yours Sincerely at the end of a letter writing, or the Thank you! Please come again at the bottom on a shopping receipt.

Two years ago they were last, but last year they managed to push themselves up to the slot on top of them, which was second last.

When they heard the news, everyone---literally everyone was overjoyed, celebrating and hugging one other. Hell the event became so big they even threw a party at a 5-star hotel.

Academics isn't what VXI-ians are specialized to care for. Even though low marks can bring up a bad reputation to the school, they also have something great in particular.

Their physical education is beyond fantastic.

Everyone does sports there. Every single game match and sports championship are always won by them. 'VXI High' are the famous words consistently on the top on the sports ranking among all the schools in the country. 

The majority of athletics that represent South Korea in international tournaments such as the SEA Games are from VXI High. They were the greatest. The number one.

Thousands of competitions. Thousands of victories. That's their school motto.

Well, other than rotten test results and a good sports name, the third reason why the school is so popular was because of the GOA.

The Greatest of All, or GOA is an organisation held up for generations ever since VXI has been established.

Every year, new recruits are added in to replace the spots of the third-years who will be graduating by the end of the years.

Out of 7000 students, only 35 gets the crown.

Those who are lucky enough to be chosen into the GOA will have their best lives ever; getting looked upon by many students and teachers, and gaining the social status as high as the Eiffel Tower.

Even if you graduate or leave the school, everyone will still remember you as an Official Member. That's how strong they are.

The GOA consists of six great clans.

"Hot chick alert there," Kai nudged to one of upperclasswoman conversing with her friends.

"That one's mine to play with." Taehyung lowly spoke, also another way to tell him to back off.

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