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It was now after school. I stayed in the tub with the girls for a few hours but the rest of the ORC members would arrive shortly for their 'club' activities so i showed myself out.

Y/N: "Rias, Akeno, I'm leaving. Tell Kumi and Asia I'll see them at home." I yelled out so they can hear me in the bathroom. They were drying their hair or whatever the hell girls do after baths.

I didn't bring my bike with me again today so I'm having to walk home. I grabbed my phone and a pair of headphones and started listening to music. A random song came bursting out of my headphones. 'Animal I have become' by Three Days Grace, one of my favorites bands and song.

On the walk home I started thinking about what just happened earlier today.

Why did Rias join us in the bath? Is it normal for them? Do they share baths?

I grin at the thought.

I hope so. Man, I wish I didn't have to leave. I could've stayed there for the rest of eternity.

On the way home I decided to walk through the cemetery as a shortcut.

Why was Rias blushing when she held my arm? Better yet, why did she hold my arm? Does she like me? What about Akeno? Ah, I'm probably just over thinking this.

Zarathos: "You are. Now stay alert host, somethings not right here.

As Zarathos' voice brought me back to reality I noticed there wasn't any sign of people in the cemetery.


As I continued to look around, I began to sense something. The one thing I know too well, sin.

I started to turn around but I was impaled by a spear of light. The impact knocked my phone out of my hands along with my headphones so now my music was blasting out of the phone. I turned around and fell to my knees. I saw a fallen angel in the sky, one I didn't recognize, and several stray priests.

Fallen: "There, the deed is done." the fallen angel began to fly away but one of the priests wasn't satisfied yet.

Stray Priest: "Why isn't he bleeding?! I want to see him bleed!"

The priest ran towards me with a light sword in his hand. Whenever he went for the kill I grabbed the sword and looked at him with hellfire coming out of my eyes. I began laughing like a maniac as I was slowly losing my sanity, the rider was taking control.

3rd POV

The boy's skin burned off his body leaving the infamous flaming skull. Fear was written all over the priest face who tried to attack y/n. The rider stood up and picked up the priest with his other hand. He pulled the sword out of the priest's hands and stabbed him with it. Killing him instantly. The rider tossed the priests corpse to the side but kept the sword. The rider channeled his power through the sword, transforming it into a sword from hell itself.

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