Battle For The Familiars (pt. 2)

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This one's a long one boys. 3886 words.

I arrived home around 4 in the morning. I parked my car in the garage and entered the house quietly.

I put my keys away and slowly walked up the stairs. I walked past everyone's room and didn't hear anything from within so I'm pretty sure they're all asleep.

I slowly entered my room and removed my jacket. When i turned around however I was surprised by an unexpected scene.

Asia, Kumi and Raynare were all sound asleep in my bed.

Y/N: (sigh) It's to late for this."

I walked back to the door before a voice stopped me.

Asia: "y-y/n?"

I turned back around and saw Asia sitting up in my bed, rubbing her eyes.

Y/N: "Asia?"

Asia: "Yes?"

Y/N: "Why is everyone asleep in my bed?"

Asia: "We got worried so we started to wait for you in your room but.. we...fell asleep."

Y/N: "I can see that.... (Sigh) whatever, scoot over, Im not letting you steal my bed."

Asia scooted over in the bed and y/n laid right In the middle of the three girls. Asia on his left side, Kumi on his right, and Raynare between Kumi and y/n, with her head at y/n chest.
(That's the best way I can describe it)

Asia snuggled up close to y/n as he put his arm around her.

Asia: "Can I ask you a personal question?"

Y/N: "What is it?"

Asia took a second before she spoke.

Asia: "Why did you make a deal with a devil? I never heard the full story."

Y/N: "My dad was sick, dying actually, and a man showed up one day giving me a deal. My soul for his health so I took it. I was to young and naive to understand the consequences until.......until it was too late."

Asia: "He tricked you?"

Y/N: " don't know, it's complicated."

Asia: "I'm so sorry....For everything you've been through."

Y/N: "Don't be. It's my curse, my burden, I'll live with it and in time, I'll break it. Even if I have to kick God and Lucifers asses in 2v1."

Asia giggled.

Asia: "You're really not afraid of anything are you?"

Y/N: "Only Kumi."

Asia giggled once more and shut her eyes.

Asia: "Goodnight y/n."

Y/N: "Goodnight Asia."

Soon they both gave in to sleep.

Next Morning

Mephisto: "Did you really think you could hide from me?"

Y/n raised up in the bed panting and sweating. His sudden action awoke a certain raven-haired angel.

Raynare: "What's wrong y/n?"

Y/N: "....Nothing......bad dream."

Whenever everyone else has woken up, they all went downstairs and sat at the dining room table as Asia made everyone breakfast.

Kumi: "Wheres y/n?" Kumi says rubbing her eyes.

Raynare: "I think he's upstairs in the bathroom. He's acted strange since this morning."

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