Hells Jacuzzi

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I'm currently heading to class with Asia, Issei and Kumi. Rias pulled some strings with Sona, president of the student council, and got Asia enrolled at Kuoh Academy. She even got Asia in the same homeroom as us.

Asia: "Oh, I hope everyone will like me."

Issei: "Everyone will love you Asia, you're just nervous."

Kumi: "Yeah Asia, you're the sweetest and nicest person I know."

Kumi looked in my direction and noticed i was starting off into space.

Kumi: "Right y/n?"

Hearing my name brought me back to reality.

Y/N: "What? Oh yeah, Asia, you'll be fine."

Asia: "You seem down today y/n?"

Y/N: "Just lack of sleep."

Kumi: "Your night job?"

Y/N: "Yeah. Little hours to no sleep at all at night is starting to get to me."

Issei: "Why don't you skip class today and take a nap in the clubroom?"

We arrived at our classes door.

Y/N: "Yeah i might do that. I'll catch you guys later. Let me know how Asia does."

They waved me off and i headed to the ORC. Asia has been with us for a couple of days now and it's been nice. She rejected Rias' offer on becoming a devil which was understandable since she's religious and all. Rias was surprisingly calm about it especially since Asia told her she has her support with healing her peerage and such.

Anyways, Asia told us about the fallen angels, Raynare and Kalawarner were allies with the stray priest Freed. Since then I've been hunting them when the sun goes down so I can put an end to this but i have to give them credit, they're not dumb. Like Raynare and Kalawarner, Freed's scent has been disguised and I can't sense him anywhere. But it's just a matter of time before I do.

I arrived at the old school building and proceeded inside. I opened the doors to the club room to find no one there.

Y/N: "Rias? Akeno, you guys here?"

No answer.

Y/N: "Must still be in class."

I took my stupid blazer off and threw it at one of the sofas and walked over and took a seat on the other sofa. I kicked my feet up and relaxed. My eyes became heavy and before i knew it i was sound asleep.

Akeno's POV

I was outside running track for p.e and I saw y/n enter the old school building.

That naughty boy must be skipping class. I should go and teach him a lesson.~

I excused myself from p.e and made my way to the ORC. I slowly opened the door and peeked inside to see y/n sound asleep.

He must've been up all night chasing the crazed priest. Poor boy.

I quietly walked over to him but stopped when I noticed his blazer on the floor. I picked it up and folded it neatly. I walked back over to y/n and sat on the couch and laid his head in my lap. I brushed his smooth (s/c) cheek and pet his hair. He seemed to be having a dream of some sorts because he was twitching in his sleep.

I lightly whispered to him

Akeno: "There, there. You're in my care now."


The same shit over and over again. The same fucking dream every single time I close my eyes.

The deal. Mephisto. Dad. The rider. The people I've killed. I can't take it anymore.

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