The Phoenix and The Demon

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School just ended and y/n along with Kumi, Asia and Issei are headed to the club.

Kumi: "So what's been up with Rias lately?"

Asia: "I don't know...but I hope she's ok."

Issei: "That time of the month?"

Everyone glares at Issei.

Issei: "It's just a thought...."

Y/N: "I don't know what's up with her...but I plan on finding out."

Everyone soon arrived at the ORC building, as everyone walked to the doors to the clubroom, they heard a voice that didn't belong to anyone they knew. But y/n recognize the voice belonging to the woman from last night.

They opened the doors to find Rias speaking to Grayfia. They turned to y/n and the others.

Grayfia: "Ah, greetings, young rider. I hope you are well rested after our intrusion last night."

Y/N: "I slept well, thank you Grayfia."

Issei whispers to y/n.

Issei: "Dude, you know this milf?"

Y/n glared at Issei.

Y/N: "I met her last night."

Rias got up from her chair and spoke.

Rias: "Now since everyone is here, we can finally begin."

Grayfia: "Lady Rias, do you mind if I speak openly?"

She puts her hand out to silence her peerage.

Rias: "(Sigh) let's hear what she has to say."

But before Grayfia could speak a bright flash of orange light emerged from the side of the room. The light revealed to be a magic circle, it quickly erupted into a giant flame, accompanied by the sound of a phoenix's cry.

Rias stared at the flame with spite while the others stared with worry. Except for y/n.

The roaring fire eventually disperses and a blonde-haired man dressed in a red suit can be seen.

He sighs as he finishes his teleportation

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He sighs as he finishes his teleportation.

Riser: "And Riser has finally arrived in the human realm..."

Y/n felt great power from this man, similar to Rias.

He must be a pureblooded devil. Y/n thought.

The man apparently named Riser turns to Rias.

Riser: "I've come all this way to see beloved Rias."

You could tell the way this guy spoke that he meant ill intentions to Rias. Just pretty much everything about this guy y/n disliked.

Y/N: "Can someone please explain to me who the hell this guy is?"

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