A New Devil

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Kumi's POV

Kumi: "Devils?!"

Wings then sprouted from my back as well. I tried pulling them off but stopped when it started to hurt.

Rias: "I'm sorry but you were close to death, I was forced to make a move before you died. Resurrecting you into a devil makes things much easier."

Kumi: "I...just can't believe this is all happening. I was enjoying school yesterday and now this..."

Rias: smiling "you can still attend school silly. You're just now a devil servant in my peerage."

Kumi: "Servant?!"

Rias: "it's not what you think."

She then explained to me how peerages work and how it's similar to chess. She also explained to me about the three factions and the women who attacked me last night. Then she told me about sacred gears and how I might possibly have one.

Rias: "That's why I made you into my last pawn piece."

Kumi: "I still don't fully understand."

Rias: "In time you will."

I walked over and sat on the couch. I thought I was about to pass out.

Kumi: "How did you know y/n and I was in trouble?"

Rias: "When I first saw y/n, I wanted to know more about him to confirm my suspicions so I asked Akeno and Kiba to keep an eye on him for me. Whenever you two got into trouble they called me and we all came to help but I'm afraid by the time we showed up it was already to late."

I then thought about y/n.

Kumi: "What about y/n? What is he?"

Rias: "The Ghost Rider..... When I fist saw him, I didn't want to believe it. I thought the rider wouldn't return for quite some time."

Issei: "What is the Ghost Rider anyways?"

Akeno: "Yeah I've heard you mention it before."

Everyone else nodded their head other than kiba which caught Rias' attention.

Rias: "You act like you know something kiba?"

Kiba: "Just stories and legends."

Rias: "Feel free to share what you know."

Kiba: "Long ago during the great war between the three factions, God created a new angel to serve him and to lead his armies. This angel was known as Zarathos an angel of Justice. However after a battle between the angels and devils, a devil by the name of...

Rias: "Mephistophles."

Kiba: "Right, he tricked the angel into signing a contract that gave mephisto his will. He then took Zarathos to the deepest pits of the underworld and tortured him for centuries."

Rias: "It broke the angel mentally, turning him into a physcotic being that craved punishment. Mephisto then destroyed the angels body and absorbed it's soul. He turned the angel of Justice into a spirit of vengeance."

Koneko: "It's kinda sad."

Koneko said in her monotone voice.

Kumi: "But why is the spirit bound to y/n?"

Rias: "y/n must've made a deal with mephisto. Mephisto only makes deals with humans who are desperate enough to sign the contract."

Kumi: "I don't understand why y/n would do something like this."

Then I remembered, ever since dad's death we've been moving city to city. Running from something.

Kumi: "Dad..."

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