Devil Troubles

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It was around 4 am, y/n can be seen driving down the streets of Kuoh. He slowly drives down his neighborhood and parks in his driveway. He looks up at his house with different emotions showing on his face. Grief, anger, sadness. But one thing that best all of his emotions was his thirst for vengeance against Blackheart.

He dismounted his bike and walked over to his door. He twisted the doorknob but realized it was locked. He grabbed the spare key that was hidden under a nearby rock and unlocked the door.

He entered inside and walked into the kitchen. He dialed Carter's number and waited for someone to answer, not entirely sure what to expect.

Someone answered and could be heard laughing on the other end.

Blackheart: "Sorry, Mr. Slade can't come to the phone right now. He's currently feeling under the weather, can I leave a message?"

Y/N: "Blackheart...."

Blackheart: "It a shame we couldn't talk before you left, y/n."

Y/N: "I'm going to rip your fucking throat out when I see you. You hear me, you slimy fuck!"

Blackheart: "Oh, I'm counting on it. Enjoy your little pathetic life y/n Blaze, because you're not gonna have it for much longer."

Blackheart hung up the phone. Y/n just stood there, listening to the dial tone. He then threw the phone across the kitchen, smashing it into pieces.

He walks over to his cabinet and pulls out a whiskey bottle. He grabs a cup and sits at the kitchen table, he didn't bother turning on the lights.

He pours a glass and raises it in the air.

Y/N: "This is for you, you old bastard."

He drinks his glass.

Y/N: "Ride hells endless highway. Ill be there soon dragging blackheart with me."

Suddenly the kitchen light turned on.

Kumi: "Y-y/n?"

Y/n got up from his chair and faced Kumi.

Y/N: "Hey, Ku-" he was cutoff by Kumi tackling him with a hug.

Kumi: "Don't ever leave me again!" she cried. She had tears running down cheeks.

Y/n wrapped his arms around her.

Kumi: "Promise me."

Y/N: "What?"

Kumi looked up at him.

Kumi: "Promise me you'll never leave me again."

Y/n averted his gaze.

Y/N: "I ca-"

He was cutoff by Kumi placing her hand on his cheek, forcing him to look at her. She then leans in and kisses him.

She broke the kiss and held her hand on his cheek. Y/n put his hand over hers.

Kumi: "Please, just promise me."he stared into Kumi's blue-gray eyes. Wiping her tears away.

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