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Kumi and I are walking the trail to our training camp, I saw a large hill ahead of us. Once I made it to the top of the hill, I took a moment to rest and admire the beauty of nature.

Y/N: "Wow

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Y/N: "Wow.."

Kumi: "*pant* You said it."

I start to remember why we're here.


Grayfia: "Ten days....I think we can all agree that's fair."

Rias: "You sure?" She asks as she watches Y/n stare out the window.

Grayfia: "Considering your youth and lack of experience and Lord Riser's prowess: I've decided that assigning a handicap would be appropriate."

Y/N: "Can you please stop talking like he's all high and fucking mighty?"

y/n was now facing the two devils.

Y/N: "If I ever get a chance, I'll show everyone that's he's nothing...but another soul for me to devour."

This shocked everyone in the room including Grayfia. No one has ever spoken to her this way.

Grayfia: "I..."

The room fell silent as y/n sighs.

Y/N: "*Sigh* I-I'm sorry, Grayfia. I didn't mean to snap..... That asshole just really got under my skin...."

Grayfia: "...You are forgiven..."

Y/n smiles and nods, he the continued to stare out the window.

Rias: "Anyway...It pains me to admit it but I think you're right. Extra time to train would be very useful for all of us. Thanks, I accept your offer."

Grayfia: "Very well." she bows "I shall inform Sirzechs at once."

She gets a teleportation circle ready.

Grayfia: "I wish you luck, Lady Rias."

With that she left. Y/n turns back and walks over to Rias.

Y/N: "So? When do we start?"

Rias: "In the morning. We'll go to my summer home. "

Issei: "You have a summer home?!

Rias: " Of course. We'll begin the hike to it early in the morning."

Y/N: "Sounds fun. Can't wait."

Akeno: "You don't sound to enthusiastic."

Y/N: "Im not... Rias, i'm guessing since im not apart of your peerage, I won't be allowed to participate?"

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