New Enemies

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Raynare: "P-please h-help me."

Y/N: "What the hell?"

The Rider began to walk towards Raynare and the stray priests but a voice from behind stopped him.

???: "Oh Riiiider."

The Ghost Rider turned around but found no one there. When he turned back around a man-shaped gust of wind knocked him off his feet, sending him flying through the air.

The man-shaped wind took on a human form and stood beside Raynare. He put his arm around her with a menacing smile on his face.

???: "It's been a while Rider

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???: "It's been a while Rider."

The Ghost Rider rose to his feet and roared at the man.

Y/N: Who the fuck is this guy?

Zarathos: An old friend of your father and I.

Y/N: My father? What?!

G/R: "Abigor!"

Abigor: "I see you've found a new host spirit. The son of Johnny Blaze...Mephisto is quite funny when picking his new candidates."

The Ghost Rider pointed at the man.

G/R: "Go back to hell....or I'll burn you again."

Abigor: "I don't think so. I grew quite fond of this place."

The Rider whipped out his chain and channeled hellfire through it.

G/R: "Then you will die."

The Rider threw his chain at Abigor, causing Raynare to duck for cover, but he changed into his wind form.

Abigor: "I will not fight you Rider. Not yet anyways. I came to give a message...Blackheart has awakened and escaped hell again."

The Rider growled at the name blackheart.

Abigor: "You cannot stop him this time Rider. He has learned many new tricks over the years. He will take over this world, then he's coming for heaven and the underworld."

Rias: "Then we will stop him."

Rias and the rest of her peerage entered the basement.

Abigor: "Ah, miss Gremory, beautiful as ever."

Rias: "Where is Asia and Kumi?"

Abigor: "Oh right. The sister. Release her!"

He ordered a priest to retrieve Kumi. The priest left into another room and came back with Kumi in shackles. She was cut in several places but she still gave us her smile when she saw us.

Y/N: her smile....

The priest unlocked her shackles and she ran over and hug y/n with a smile and a single tear running down her cheek.

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