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Closer to You (Blackheart AU) by MusicLover244
Closer to You (Blackheart AU)by Lil
Aspen Fae was the only one she knew of that didn't have a soulmate. Everywhere she went all she saw were names in black ink, but her wrist was bare. When she least expec...
Izuku x Ghost rider by SeanDanielBarro
Izuku x Ghost riderby Zack Necropolis
Quirkless and abused, This was Izuku Midorya, A young boy born without a Quirk in the world where power is everything. He longed to be a hero, Only to be neglected by Hi...
Ghost Rider (Male Reader) x Highschool DXD by Jp36346
Ghost Rider (Male Reader) x Jp36346
During the height of the Great War, there emerged a new entity created by God to protect the innocent lives of humans. This new entity was the Angel of Justice, otherwis...
The Flash: Spirit Of Vengeance  by Alastor6376
The Flash: Spirit Of Vengeance by The Wanted Samurai
On the fateful night of their mothers death Barry and Y/n Allen reunite after being sperated, but with secrets of their own, one which cost the other his soul
Avengers: With Ghost Rider, Deadpool, and Venom by SethCauble
Avengers: With Ghost Rider, Seth Cauble
Imagine if Ghost Rider, Deadpool and Venom were also part of the Avengers team. Can they help save the world from Loki? What do they do?
Flame Boy by Lilster1232
Flame Boyby Lilster
Stiles has always been known as the weakling of the pack. But lately he's been neglected by the Pack, not being invited to meetings and Getting many dirty looks from the...
DC: Vengeful Spirit  by Madtitan2018
DC: Vengeful Spirit by Willie Johnson
This is a version where Aresia the rouge Amazon succeeded in releasing her deadly Man killing Virus. The World is utter chaos. Mother's and Sisters cry out to get Vengea...
The Rider Of Olympus by ColinDrum
The Rider Of Olympusby Colin Drum
Percy Jackson. A name that was held with high respect. Until that day. Everybody betrayed me for some kid who couldn't even swing a sword. But they'll get what's coming...
Look into my eyes Afton by Carggo
Look into my eyes Aftonby ICannotSpell
After the burning of Fazbear's Fright, A certain avenger is stalking William Afton. "Beautiful" cover art made by me
Hell On Earth (Ghost Rider x CHAINSAW MAN crossover) by trooper19000
Hell On Earth (Ghost Rider x TheAtomsphere
Daniel Reyes, was cursed with the power of the Ghost Rider and went after sinners to settle scores in hope it would go away. While settling scores, he runs across an org...
Spawn Rider In Young Justice by UnmatchedPictures
Spawn Rider In Young Justiceby UnmatchedPictures
A String Of Dead Bodies Catch The Attention Of The Team who try to investigate they find out who did it but when they do they need to decide Either Help Him To The Light...
Ghost Rider Izuku by JinzoKing222
Ghost Rider Izukuby JinzoKing222
Two Siblings living with their Drug addict parents, Izuku and Izumi have lived The literal Hell on Earth But Izuku caring for his Sister Protected Her from being hurt i...
Deku: Spirit of Vengeance by CaptainDrawmerman
Deku: Spirit of Vengeanceby Cap
In order to save his mother, Izuku Midoriya made a deal with a devil. But it came at a great cost. By day, Izuku Midoriya is your average hero in training. But by night...
Spirit & Titan by VengefulSp1r1t
Spirit & Titanby VengefulSp1r1t
When mankind in an another universe is on the brink of extinction from giant man-eating creatures and those in power, a Spirit of Vengeance is needed to fix things
Highschool DxD : The Flames of The Rider by AnimeLoverDxD19
Highschool DxD : The Flames of AnimeLoverDxD19
"I'm not the one they should be afraid of...its the other guy they should be afraid of" - Y/n L/n
Avengers. Ghost Rider x Black Widow by N7Legion-Games
Avengers. Ghost Rider x Black Widowby N7Legion-Games
DISCLAIMER: I DON'T OWN ANYTHING, EVERYTHING BELONGS TO THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS. Jason was an ordinary kid, but when tragedy struck he became something that evil have f...
 A Ghost Rider's Journey Vol. 4: Meeting A New Enemy (x Hyperdimension Neptunia) by DaniloCiak
A Ghost Rider's Journey Vol. 4: Danilo Ciak
You thought something else, didn't you? But in his path to Hakoniwa Academy the Rider ends in a land of Goddesses, where a powerful enemy will show up.
The riders curse- cursed male reader X Glynda Goodwitch  by robbiewazup
The riders curse- cursed male All Hail Megatron
When Y/n Nikos is at his wits end trying to save his little sister from an illness that no one can comprehend, he makes the greatest sacrifice for her... all for her
Demons Worth Fighting For (a Ghost Rider x Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss crossover) by StreetGuard94
Demons Worth Fighting For (a StreetGuard94
Charlie Johnson: Hell's already walking the Earth... but not if I can bring it back! Two demons were summoned to Earth for nefarious reasons. As a new and young Ghost Ri...