A Tale Of Love

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Y/n was snoring in his bed as Carter walked in wearing sun glasses.

Carter: "Wake the fuck up, ghost rider."

Y/n opened his eyes as he saw Carter kneel down removing his sun glasses.

Carter: "We have sinners to burn."

(Had to do it lol. Yes,it's a reference to the Keanu Reeves cyberpunk meme)
For real this time.

Y/n was sound asleep as Carter knocked on his room door.

Carter: "Cmon bone head. We're burning daylight."

Y/n groggily opened his door and walked out rubbing his eyes.

Y/N: "I thought ghost riders can't change in the sunlight?" he asks as he stretches.

Carter: "Zarathos can't use his power in the sunlight. You can."

He grabs several items and walks over to a backpack and put the contents inside.

Carter: "Here." he says handing the backpack to y/n.

Y/n put the backpack on.

They both walked out the door, Carter whistles for his horse. His horse runs his way over and stops right in front of his master. Carter mounts up and changes into his rider form.

Y/N: "Wheres my bike at?"he said looking around.

Carter: "It's not my bike. You keep up with it."

Y/n looked at Carter furious.

Carter: "Calm down, bonehead. Ghost riders are nothing without their rides. Summon it."

Right, like I did before with Zarathos. Just whistle for it!

Y/n put his fingers in his mouth and whistled for his bike...summoning nothing.

Y/N: "What the hell?!"

Carter chuckled as he changes back.

Carter: "Looks like your walking."

Y/n groans as he starts walking with Carter beside him on his horse.

*Two hours of walking later*

Y/N: "(pant) how much further?"

Carter: "We would've arrived an hour ago if you could just summon your bike."

Y/N: "It's not (pant) as easy as it used to be."

Carter: "Because of Zarathos. You're gonna learn how to use your power without him."

Y/N: "Where are we going anyway?"

Carter: "Keep your panties on. We're almost there."

They both eventually came upon a hill with a large tree at the top. Carter dismounted his horse and walked to the top of the hill as y/n fell over due to exhaustion.

Y/N: "What the hell is out here so important?"


Y/n looked up to see Carter back turned. Y/n got up and walked to the top of the hill.

Y/N: "Are you listening to me, Carter?"

Carter didn't answer y/n he just kept his back turned. Y/n stood beside Carter to see what he was looking at.

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