Chapter 5

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Jaylynn's POV
(Its not moving fast is it?)

Two weeks later and now 3 months pregnant. I dont have much time left before I really start to show. Now my little sister has learned the truth because I had a break down while my parents wernt home and she was the only one there. I know everything is now going to get even crazier cause now I know I have to tell my brother and Archie before I show cause if not they both will be upset.

"Hey Jug. I need to talk to you." I say sitting next to him on the couch.

"Okay. Whats up? Are you gonna tell me why whenever I leave the room the whole family goes quiet?" He questions.

"Actually yes, but Jug you cant tell anyone else. This stays in this trailer for now." I say.

"I dont like the sound of that." He says.

I was about to tell him when Betty walked in the trailer.

"Hey Juggie. You ready? Archie and Veronica are waiting for us." Betty says.

"Oh crap I forgot. Can we talk later J?" Jug asks.

"Well it was kind of important, but I guess it can wait." I say.

He looked at me and then over to Betty and then back at me.

"Actually Betty it seems my sister really needs to talk to me right now." Jug says.

"Well okay thats fine, but Veronica is gonna yell at you later." Betty says.

"Jug, just go. It really can wait." I say.

"Okay. If you sure." He says.

"Im sure." I say.

He left with Betty and I was really okay with it because I did not want Veronica or Archie to come here just to chew out Jug for not going with Betty. I decided to go over to talk to Toni and tell her the truth. She is my best friend and is like my sister so I think its time to tell her. I know Archie should know now, but Im just not ready.

"Hey Tonz can I come in?" I ask when she opened the door.

"Yeah. Im surprised though. You have been acting so distance." She says as I walked in.

"I know. Look my parents and my sister know what Im about to tell you, but no one else knows yet." I say.

"Okay tell me." She says.

"Im pregnant." I say.

"Oh my god. J are you kidding me? I dont know if thats a good thing or a bad thing? Whos the father?" She asks.

"Im not gonna answer that. I was gonna tell Jug earlier, but Betty showed up and Im not ready for the whole town to find out." I say.

"Well if your keeping this baby then Im happy for you and I'll help you." She says.

"Thanks for your support. Just please dont tell anyone not even Cheryl. I just have to tell Jug and the father first." I say.

"Okay. But from what you told me you dont have much time left." She says.

"I know." I say.

Writer's POV

What Jaylynn didnt know was that Fangs was coming over to Toni's when he overheard the conversation. Fangs didnt know what to do with what he heard. So he decided to talk to Kevin Keller about it since Kevin was the first person he saw. Well that and because he didnt want to tell SweetPea about it. Kevin on the other hand decided to mention the info to Josie since Kevin couldnt keep it in. Kevin also let it slip when Josie had a study session with Reggie Mantle. That was a Sunday and now its a Monday and Reggie then started telling people at school and Josie then told her band which included Veronica. The whole school was a buzz about it and it wasnt long for the news to get to Archie and Jughead.

"So did you hear the news about Jaylynn?" Veronica asks Archie, Betty and Jughead.

"Oh yeah. Cheryl told me." Betty says.

"Told you what? Whats going on with my sister?" Jughead asks.

"You havent heard? Oh." Veronica says.

"Heard what Ronnie?" Archie asks.

"Jaylynn is pregnant." Veronica says.

"Who the hell started that rumor? My sister isnt with Child." Jughead says angrily.

"Well thats whats been told." Veronica says.

"Well its not true. So dont spread rumors about my sister." Jughead says.

Archie was lost in thought if Jaylynn was pregnant was it his child? Though his thoughts where interrupted when Veronica nudged his arm. He turned around and everyone was just looking at Jaylynn when she entered the school.

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