Chapter 13

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Jaylynn's POV

I had been up all night just rushing to the bathroom to either pee or throw up. Its not fun being pregnant I couldnt sleep cause my stomach just keeps growing.

"Jaylynn? You okay?" My mom asks.

"Yeah. I didnt sleep well last night." I say.

"Yeah we know." Jughead says.

"The trailer make its sound every time you got up. Not to meant the crying and sobbing out of nowhere." Jellybean says.

"Im sorry." I say.

"Dont be. Hey its Friday. Why dont you stay home from school and try to sleep." My mom says.

"That would be nice." I say.

Everyone had left for the day and it was just me alone. Around what would of been lunch time at school there was a knock on the door and Archie was there.

"Jug told me why you werent at school and I kinda blame myself." Archie says.

"Dont worry about it. Though come on in." I say.

He walked in and placed a bag from Pop's on the coffee table and then he sat down on the couch.

"I didnt know what you want, but I got the normal order you get." He says.

"Thanks Arch." I say.

I sat down beside him and it was like we had something to say, but for some reason we just didnt know what it was. So awkward right now which is odd cause I've known Archie since like forever.

"Well... Class start soon. I should go." He says.

"Right." I say.

"Right." He says.

He was about to leave and then for some reason I didnt want him to.

"Wait, Archie. Can you say with me? I dont really want to be alone right now." I say.

"Of course Jaylynn." He says.

I like that Archie wanted to stay with me. I know things are only going to get harder, but I just want to stay in this moment for just alittle while longer.

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