Chapter 3

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Jaylynn's POV

Two weeks have past and knowing this secret and seeing Archie with Veronica just mad me want to do something I never thought. Two weeks ago I was gonna go somewhere, but I couldnt, but today is another story. I went alittle out of town to somewhere I never thought in my life I would go. I took a deep breath and went inside the clinic. I was handed a signing sheet and sat down. There were other girls in there and some were alone and some wernt.

"So parents or baby daddy?" The girl my age next to me asks.

"Excuse me?" I question.

"Your at an Abortion Clinic. So who is making you do this? Your parents or your baby daddy?" She asks again.

"Neither. No one knows it." I say.

"Lucky you. My parents are forcing me to get it. I dont want to give up, but I know have no choice. Well I got go good luck." She says.

The girl left with her parents and I didnt know what to say about her problem.

"You know I heard why your here, but you dont look to sure about this choice." A woman kinda older then me says.

"Well I still dont know. I know they will check how far along I am and then I make the choice." I say.

"Well really think about it. I have always wanted a child and I have to give up my baby because I cant be with that abuser for the rest of my life." She says.

"Oh..." I say.

"Well good luck and make the right choice for you." She says and left.

I was called back to the back and was told I was 8 weeks pregnant. I was then told about all this and thats when I realized something. I realized that I just couldnt go through with this at all. I went home and just wanted to cry because now I know that I have to keep my child. I know there is adoption, but I dont feel comfortable carrying my child and giving him or her away. This means my family, friends, and Archie have to be told the truth.

"You who. You okay?" My mom asks.

"Huh." I say.

"You walked in and just stopped and stared in blank space. Hey my sweet girl whats wrong? You can tell me anything. You know that right? So please talk to me." She says.

"You promise you wont hate me?" I question.

"Baby no. Jaylynn, whats wrong?" She asks.

"Umm..." I say.

I could feel the tears start streaming down my face.

"Jaylynn why are you crying? Im really worried over here. Is something wrong?" She asks.

"Im... Im... Im pregnant mom." I finally got out.

"Ohh... Okay. Dont worry we'll figure this out." She says and hugs me.

My dad then walked in with Jughead and they just looked at us and walked back out of the trailer. They probably just didnt want to interrupt the mother daughter moment.

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