Chapter 11

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Jaylynn's POV

I was almost 5 months pregnant and there was really no way to not show the bump anymore. I walked into school with Toni and Cheryl who acted as my I guess Protecters. Lets just say if anyone says anything they make sure that person doesnt speak around me again. Although SweetPea and Veronica were another problem. One is a fellow serpent and the other is friends with everyone around me. There really is no escape.

"Wow Jaylynn, you look huge. Sorry I dont mean huge. I mean... You were so little and now... Sorry." Ethel says.

"Hey its fine. Really. I have gotten bigger and Im okay with that. Besides when Im not it will be Archie who gets yelled at." I say.

She walked away and then I felt a hand on my stomach and some weird humming.

"Cheryl what are you doing?" Toni asks.

"Shh TT. Im trying to see what this baby is... Its a baby girl with Archie's  red hair and Jade's blue eyes." Cheryl says.

"Really? Cause I think its a boy. Jade's brown hair and Archie's brown eyes." Toni says placing hand also on my bump.

"You are wrong." Cheryl says.

"Sorry Blossom, but I think Im right." Toni says.

"Are you two really fighting over what my baby is and looks like?" I question.

"Yes now hush." Cheryl says.

I pushed both their hands away and just made my way to the music room. I pasted the Blue and Gold and someone pulled me in.

"Hey! Whats.. Oh Betty hi." I say.

"I have something to tell you. As Jughead's girlfriend I feel like I should protect his sister. Even though Veronica is my best friend." Betty says.

"Okay. Are you okay?" I ask.

"Veronica told me she is gonna tell Reggie that you actually dont know who the father is. Your saying its Archie's because you two made out and passed out thinking you two were intimate." She says.

"Okay." I say.

"Thats all.. Okay. SweetPea is gonna help her by saying you and him got together before you fake night with Archie." She says.

"So. I dont care. I know the truth and Archie knows the truth. So who cares about what they or anyone else says. Archie is the father and they cant change that." I say and walked out.

I walked out and I saw Archie who came over to me and He put his hand on the bump. Then out of nowhere we felt the baby kick.

"Woah. Has that ever happened before?" Archie asks.

"No. Never." I say.

"Thats our child." He says.

"Yeah thats our child." I say and place my hand over his.

He just looked at me and I felt my heart flutter just alittle bit. I cant just swept into the smile cause if we didnt work out again our child will be the one who will suffer the pain.

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