Chapter 8

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Jaylynn's POV

Archie and I had to talk to to my dad and Jughead about Archie being the father. Archie and I have talked about things that would change once our baby got here. One of the things being school, another being childcare, another where we would raise our child, but the last one was how will the town feel about a good Northside boy and a bad Southside girl having a child. Archie's mom has to learn the truth as well and Archie was nervous about telling him.

"Arch we have to tell your mom, my dad, and my brother." I say.

"I think we can tell them all over the phone as we run away before Im killed." Archie says.

"Arch... Come on. Lets go and tell your mom. Right now." I say.

"We cant. She isnt home." He says.

"Archie, I can see her in the window. She has been watching us since we got to your house." I say.

"Okay... You tell her. Then you can tell your dad and your brother. I'll be hiding in Mexico." He says.

"Come on." I say.

I dragged him out of the car and we headed inside his house and his mom clearly had a fake smile on her face. Mary Andrews clearly doesnt like me at all and now she really is gonna hate me.

"Ohh.. Jaylynn welcome. Archie dear whats going on?" Mary asks.

"Mom you might want to sit down." Archie says.

"I already am." Mary says.

"Mom, Jaylynn..." Archie says.

"I know and you poor girl. Sleeping around until being knocked up. Like mother like daughter." Mary says.

"Excuse me? What does that mean?" I asks.

"Oh you know that your mother was a giant hoe and fake. No one was surprise when she and your dad were having children. Not even together. So it make sense that you have done the same... Just younger." She says looking me up and down.

"You know what..." I say.

"Mom! Thats not cool, Jaylynn isnt some slut that goes around. Those guys before SweetPea she only acted like there was something there to make SweetPea jealous. Then she got with SweetPea and when he cheated on her it killed her. Though she was only with one another guy in secret for about five months before she got pregnant. She has only been with two guys sexually so she isnt a slut. Dont treat her that way." Archie says.

"Archie, you cant know that for sure." Mary says.

"Actually I can. Cause Jaylynn doesnt lie and the baby is also mine." Archie says.

"What!" Mary says clearly upset.

"J why dont you go. This isnt gonna be pretty." Archie says.

I left his house quickly and as I left his mom was yelling at him. I went home and sat beside my mom.

"Let me guess Mary flipped." My mom says.

"Yep. Archie told me to leave before the yelling started. Although Mary said something that bothered me." I say.

"What did she say?" She asks.

"She said like Mother like Daughter, but younger." I say.

"Ugh. Dont worry about that. Mary hates me. I left her to be a Serpent as she was well a know it all. Our friendship fell apart and she has been calling me a slut ever since." She says.

"She also said you slept around and it was no surprise that you and dad wernt together before you got pregnant with me and Jug." I say.

"What now?" Jughead asks walking in with our dad.

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