Chapter 18

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Jaylynn's POV

I got up this morning and all I could see when I got out of bed was my stomach. Seriously I guess thats what happens when you have two months left of your pregnancy. I looked in the mirror wow I have grown quite alot.

"Oh my I am a huge." I say.

I just looked at myself and now I was feeling insecure about my looks now. I just looked at myself I didnt even noticed the door opened.

"Woah." Archie says.

I turned around and faced him and he took a step back.

"Woah? Whats that suppose to mean?" I ask.

"Just that you... You look pretty." He says.

"You were going to say I look fat. Wernt you! Of course you were. Look at me Im huge." I say.

"And crabby." He mumbled thinking I didnt hear him.

"What was that?" I question.

"You are carrying our child and sure we have two months left, but before we know it we will have our child. That will make all of this worth it... What?" He question.

"How can you be so nice to me after I was being mean to you." I say and started crying.

"Hey its okay." He says and hugs me.

He just hugged me for awhile and then whatever that was went away.

"Okay Im better now. I need to get changed." I say.

"Well okay. Come down stairs when your dressed. My mom made breakfast before she left." He says.

"Thanks Arch." I say.

"Anything for you." He says.

He let go of me and walked out of the room as I got dressed. I went downstairs and Jughead was sitting on the couch.

"What are you doing here?" I ask him.

"Well you were suppose to meet with Jellybean last night. You didnt show and now she is at home upset." Jughead says.

"Oh my god. I forgot. I was to exhausted for the school day." I say.

"Yeah she also said she texted you and you texted back for the little brat to leave you alone." He says.

"Yeah last night and earlier she has been alittle... Prefect." Archie says.

"Ahh Crazy hormonal. Thats what we said." Jughead says.

"What! Did you say?" I question.

"He didnt mean it. Did you Jughead?" Archie asks.

"No I meant it. Archie why are you so scared she's pregnant. Cant move fast anymore. Cant do the Jaylynn thing with her cat like movement and scare people. So dont worry about saying things she cant hurt you... Then again your the father so you have to be nice to her. Anyway... Talk to Jellybean." Jughead says and just walked out.

"Arch, do me a favor?" I ask.

"Sure. Anything." Archie says.

"Kill my brother." I say.

"Anything, but that. Hey look you may be alittle moody, but your carrying a child and you have every right to be alittle emotional." He says.

He placed his arm on my shoulder and he just looked at me and there was just something about him that made me want to kiss him. Though I cant we cant.

"Anyway before I head off to talk to Jellybean. Our child is starving." I say.

"Right this way." He says.

I went to the kitchen and I could feel Archie staring at me. We have to be careful. Nothing can happen between us again. For our child's sake.

A/N: Hey guys do you like it? Let me know. Thanks.

Also I was thinking that whoever is chosen to name the baby. I was thinking does anyone know what character should name the child. One of the family members just by like one look and Archie and Jaylynn like what the say.

Also this is gonna sound bad, but I dont like the name Fred, but I was thinking whatever the first name is can be the choice of whoever I choose, but the middle name with be Fred.

What do you all think? Let me know. Thanks.

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