Chapter 2

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Jaylynn's POV

I couldnt believe this and yet there all the test said the same. All 15 of them said the same thing. Pregnant, Pregnant, Pregnant.

"Jaylynn, get out of the bathroom! Your not the only one in this home!" Jughead says banging on the bathroom door.

"Shut up!" I yell.

He just continued to bang on the door as I was putting all these tests back into my bag.

"Jughead quiet beating on the door and Jaylynn get out of the bathroom." My mom says.

I covered up the bag with my serpent jacket and got out of the bathroom.

"There princess its all yours." I say and push passed him.

I got looks from my parents and siblings because I've never treated anyone in my family rudely. I just left the trailer in anger and I felt bad cause I have this secret. I just went for a walk and found an empty trash can in an alley and burned all the pregnancy tests. I left the alley after putting out the fire and seeing the dust.

"So you were the one playing with fire." SweetPea says.

"Just burning old crap. Now excuse me." I say.

"Look can you just forgive me..." He says.

"I could, but Im not going to." I say and walked away from him.

I went to Pop's for some food and just to clear my head. Thats when I saw Archie with Veronica it was as if they had gotten back together and that made me very anger.

Flashback to alittle over 6 weeks ago

"Jaylynn, I want you to know that these last five months have been amazing." Archie says playing with my hair as we laid in his bed.

"Yeah it has been." I say.

It went quiet for a moment before he spoke again.

"Hey Jaylynn." He says.

"Yeah?" I question.

"I love you." He says.

Hearing these words made me go silent and I didnt know what to say. It was like he was waiting for me to speak.

"I need to go. If Im not home by the time my family awakes they'll kill me." I say getting up and putting my clothes on.

"Woah wait a minute. Didnt you hear what I just said?" Archie questions taking my serpent jacket before I could grab it.

"Yes I heard what you said and now I need to go." I say.

"So thats it then. I say I love you and you want to run away." He says.

"Just give me my jacket Archie. I want to go home." I say.

"Why are you acting like this? You know if you dont care about me then just say so and I go find someone who will actually care about me." He says.

"Then do that and let me leave." I say.

"Fine go. Run away after hearing how I feel about you. Now I see why SweetPea cheated on you." He says.

"Fuck you Andrews." I say.

I took my jacket from him and smacked him in the face before leaving. Once I got home I quietly went inside so no one would wake up. God I hate him.

End Flashback.

Now here Archie was with Veronica and here I am pregnant with his child. The worse part is the night he told me he loved me I got scared of what I was feeling for him so I did want I do best hurt him. Now he hates me and you know what I hate me too. I better deal with this pregnancy before anyone finds out. It just how it has to be... Isnt it?

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