Chapter 16

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Jaylynn's POV

Its been a few days since we told everyone the gender of the baby. We also had told our families our decision Archie's mom was more then fine with the choice we made. My dad, sister, and brother were also okay with it as well. Though my mom was very very upset. She hasnt talked to me since and now today I was moving in with Archie and his mom.

"Okay. Everything is in the truck. I guess its time to go." I say.

"Yeah. I know you'll just be on the Northside, but this is still hard." My dad says and hugs me.

"Dont worry I may be away, but I'll come by." I say.

"I know. If he hurts you I'll kill him." He says.

"As will I. Anyway still Im gonna actually miss you... Kinda." Jughead says and hugs me.

"I'll kinda miss you too." I say.

"My turn. Im gonna miss you, but with you gone I get my own room." Jellybean says and hugs me.

"Ummm... Not to interrupt this family moment, but its time to go. That way we arent getting things out in the dark." Archie says.

"Yeah okay. Bye guys." I say.

I walked out of the trailer with Archie and got into his truck. As we were leaving my mom was just coming back. She didnt want to be here when I was leaving.

"Hey she'll come around." Archie says.

"No she wont. She hates me." I say.

"No she doesnt. She is just upset for now and believe me it should blow over." He says as got to the house.

"Yeah I guess." I say.

He got out and then came over to me and helped me out. As I got out Mary welcomed us.

"Archie, get the stuff and Jaylynn why dont you come inside and relax." Mary says.

"Sounds good." I say.

"So I... Never mind." Archie says.

Archie brought all my stuff in and even set up the room with the help of Fangs and Reggie as well as Veronica and Betty.

"All done. Now come here." Betty says.

"What?" I question.

"Archie is outside with the boys and I think paying them, but we need you to come to the room." Veronica says.

"Do you know how hard it is to get up now?" I ask.

"Vee help me." Betty says.

They both helped me up off the couch and took me to the room and it looked fine.

"What was the purpose of this?" I ask.

See you have your stuff and it fills up less then half of the room." Betty says.

"Okay." I say.

"Well we were wondering... Can we do the baby side?" Veronica asks.

"What do you mean?" I ask.

"Well Vee and I were talking and Mary even agreed. We would go out and get a crib and changing table and other things you'll need. Since you said you dont want people getting these big and expensive items." Betty says.

"Well I guess." I say.

"Great we will all go out tomorrow." Veronica says.

"Ohhh before we go can I ask. What are you gonna name your baby?" Betty asks.

"We dont know yet, but when we know we will tell." Archie says.

Both Betty and Veronica left and sat on my bed and Archie sat next to me. He just smiled at me and placed his hand on my stomach.

"What?" I ask.

"Do you wanna discuss names for our child?" Archie asks.

"Archie, I would like that. Its just been a long day of getting things packed and dealing with my mom hating me. Can we do this another day?" I ask.

"Sure. You get some rest and I'll go make a list of names for our son." He says.

He got up and left the room closing the door behind him. I placed my hand over my stomach and smiled cause in here was our baby. Our little boy.

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