Chapter 15

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Jaylynn's POV

Archie and I knew what our baby was going to be and we decided to just keep it to ourselves for now. Though now that we know what our baby will be its time for Archie and I to really decide where we are to raise our child.

"You seem quiet? We just learned out child's gender. Are you okay?" Archie asks.

"Can we not talk? Just drive me home in silence please." I say.

"Jaylynn." He says.

It was quiet for a moment and the Archie pulled the truck over. He locked the doors and then grabbed my hand.

"Are you gonna kill me?" I question.

"No jokes missy. Now tell me whats going on or we are staying here all night." He says.

"Archie, I just want to go home." I say.

"Jaylynn, tell me. Whats wrong?" He asks.

"Nothing is wrong. I just have alot on my mind." I say.

"Then tell me. We are having a child together we need to have better communication." He says.

"Well Im worried. This baby will be here before we know it and... Well where would we even raise our child?" I question.

"Ohh.. Right. We have to decide where to have a baby live." He says.

"Yeah... Can you drive now cause its starting to get dark." I say.

He started the car and we where on our way again and for a moment it was silent and then Archie spoke up.

"I know this is a long shot, but move in with me and my mom." Archie says.

"What?" I question.

"Now this is no hate to your family or the Southside, but your home has no room for the five of you as it is. There would be extra no room for a baby. My house has an extra room for you and our baby." He says.

"Arch, do you realize what your asking dont you?" I ask.

"Yes. Im asking you to live with me. That way you and our child are close by and I can help you whenever you need me." He says.

"Arch.." I say.

"Jaylynn it is whats best for our child." He says.

"I know and thats why I was gonna tell you. That I agree with you. We'll do this temporarily. If it works then it does and if it doesnt I guess our child and I will go move back in with my family." I say.

"Sounds like a plan. Now you just have to break the news to your family." He says.

"Yeah we can do that now. Cause we are here." I say.

He got out of his truck and then helped me out. This is a nice plan. Jus go in say we have good news and just more news. One the Gender of the baby and two I'll be living with Archie. Yeah they will be upset. Oh I really hope my dad and Jughead dont kill Archie.

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