25. rooftop hook-ups

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It was late in the night when everything finished. Yoongi and Jimin ended up sharing a room to do God knows what together. Hoseok ended up sleeping in the room Jungkook was in, which was also occupied by Jin and Irene. But none of them minded Hoseok. Namjoon had his room, which was shared with Taehyung.

Everyone was sleeping already, but Jungkook tossed and turned in the bed. First of all, it was too humid to even sleep. Second of all, he was scared for his cats. Third of all, Jungkook didn't normally sleep at this time.

Jungkook already knew exactly what he needed to tire him out. A stroll outside. It's what he normally did when he couldn't sleep. And on the rainy days, Jungkook would normally open his balcony and stand out there with his yellow umbrella, and a cup of coffee, just enjoying the fresh air hitting his body, but the warm coffee heating his insides.

But the problem was, that Jungkook was basically in a forest. He couldn't just go out for a walk, and bump into a friendly serial killer. Plus, he was so bad with directions. And he couldn't just go open a window, too much noise. So he went to the only available place. The rooftop.

Jungkook slowly tiptoed out of his bed and shivered. Even though the air was hot. He was in his tiny boxers and nothing else, so he slipped on a baggy t-shirt, and a small robe that hung off of his shoulders.

He walked over to the door and looked back at the three sleeping bodies in his room, and then closed it behind him. He slowly walked up the stairs leading up to the roof, and pushed open the heavy metal door open. The door scratching against the concrete floor.

The sight behind the metal door left Jungkook open mouthed, and shocked, his hand clamping tightly over his mouth to stop him from making any noise at all. He walked forward for a few steps so that he could get a better view.

Fairy lights, everywhere. A double bed placed right in the middle, with a net to stop bugs from getting in. But the lights were hung everywhere, and there was a few plants. Jungkook's breath was taken away.

His feet padded against the cold floor, and the closer he got the more he could see someone's body covered by the thick duvet, and their body moving up down, signaling their even breathing, and that they were most likely asleep.

Jungkook couldn't see who it was exactly, but as soon as he saw the soft tufts of sliver hair popping out from the duvet, Jungkook's heart rate instantly quickened. He smiled softly, and walked over to the railings, and looked up to the sky, not wanting to wake Taehyung from his sleep.

The stars were an amazing. Jungkook let out a soft breath he didn't even know that he was holding. This was so peaceful.

Looking up at the stars, with the soft rustling of trees in the back, and the owl hooting in the distance. This view was ready for the narrator to read out in a booming voice "the scene...was set" and all we needed is the couple, young and in love. Reckless. But mature.

Jungkook leaned against the metal bars, and sighed, closing his eyes when the warm air hit him.

" It's nice isn't it. " Taehyung's voice called out.

Jungkook immediately turned around, his net robe swishing around him. There Taehyung was, sitting upright, his tan chest on show, but his legs covered by the duvet.

Taehyung smirked.

And that was all he needed to do, to make Jungkook feel like throwing himself off of the roof. Jungkook breathed in heavily, before letting it out, and shrugging, " I don't know...but it really does calm you down. "

Taehyung just nodded, and moved the net out of the way, so that he could look at Jungkook more clearly. And his breath was taken away. Jungkook hair was ruffled and sticking up in all places. His lips were glossy, and his cheeks were tinted pink, and his eyes were twinkling. For once, Taehyung was absolutely speechless. And it didn't help that Jungkook's long milky white legs were on show, for Taehyung to feast his eyes.

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