33. test of loyalty?

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Jungkook was hurt, but only for a couple of days. Because soon after he relished in the thought, " if Taehyung doesn't want me, he can't have me. " Jungkook wasn't going to go prance around for Taehyung's attention. And he certainly wasn't going to look like a dickhead anymore. He absolutely was not going to waste his time on Taehyung any more.

And when he told his friends, his friends said the same thing. Jungkook was humiliated by Taehyung. He poured out his heart and the silver haired boy just wacked it away as if Jungkook's heart was a pesky little fly.

Right now, the four best friends were getting ready for the annual costume party. This was the event of the year, and what made their college days worth while, and the four of them couldn't believe that it was their last college party ever.

" It's been an amazing four years guys." Irene said, putting her mascara on. " I know right, I actually can't believe we're going to our last annual costume party. " Jimin yelped, when he touched the curling iron while it was hot.

Jin, who was squeezing on his very tight, white top, nodded. " It's so weird how far we've grown. Oh my god, I remember my first party and I saw people doing things. It was soooo weird. "

Jungkook put on his tight leather trousers, that showed his "v" line. He then put on his matching leather crop top, that put his waist and belly piercing on show. " That was the most amount of effort to put on. My whole body is so squeezed in this outfit, I feel like I've been stuffed into a pug cage. "

Irene laughed, " how do you think my boobs feel right now. These c cups are being compressed into a fucking a cup. " Irene twirled in her little maid costume, which had her long legs on show, and cleavage popping out.

Jin laughed, " this outfits so tight that I feel like my head's going to pop right off because of the pressure. "

" What are supposed to be anyways? " Jimin asked, doing his make-up. Jimin had now finished curling his hair, and he was wearing a shiny leather one piece, that was red. He had the zip halfway down to show off his chest, and he wore loads of chains.

" I'm going to be a slutty angel, and Namjoon is going to be the devil. And bitch what are you supposed to be? " Jin looked at Jimin's outfit.

Jimin hopped on his heels and quickly picked up a large checkered flag, " Yoongi's going to be a race car driver, and I'm the person that says go! Before the race starts. Obviously. "

Jungkook laughed loudly, " Jin and Jimin both having couple costumes. And then there's me and Irene. "

"... actually, I'm the maid to a king. " Irene said quickly.

Jungkook groaned, " you've got a date? Good for you but oh my days I've got to walk in alone. Lovely. "

Jimin reassured Jungkook, "don't worry, we're all going to walk in together. But then we're going to leave you on your own. Hopefully you'll find someone on you own. " Jungkook glared at Jimin, " girl that did not fucking help me. At all. "

" What are friends for then bitch? " Jimin replied snacking Jungkook.

Jungkook rolled his eyes, and started to do his makeup. He did a black smokey eye to make him look more cat like, and feminine. Jungkook wore a lot of highlight to define his angles. And he wore red lips, which he smudged to the side, like Harley Quin. Jungkook then grabbed his belt chocker and put it on, a chain dangling down from the middle. He put on loads of earrings and leather straps all over his arms and waist. He messed up his hair a little to look like somebody had done it for him.

When he turned around he seen all of his friends in awe. "What?" He said shrugging.

" Okay af first I thought you were going to be a cat. Then a spy...now I just think that you're going to be somebody's whore. " Jimin said.

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