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Jeon Jungkook. Has the brains. The talent. You'd expect him to be the most popular boy in school. But that's not the way it works in his college.

Kim Taehyung. Athletic. Closed off. And has the smouldering looks. He plans to one day leave his father's dreams to go pursue his own.

The only thing in the way of that is his grades? So what does he get? A tutor. Typical story of boy falls in love with tutor. Yes. But with everything else in between.

And you know, you can start a new passion, but always rekindle an old flame.

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For my friends


Dear diary,

I was always scared of writing this. Just in case someone read it, and judged me. But now, everyone can read it because I don't care. This day was probably one of the worst days ever, and at the same time, the happiest.

I realised who I truly am. I, Jeon Jungkook, am gay. And I like boys. I know that because I kissed a boy today. But not just any boy. My one and only friend. Hyungwon.

We were swinging on the tires at the park. Mrs. Chae was feeding the ducks. And my mom was with her. Hyungwon looked so beautiful. His brown locks. His soft facial expression. That crooked smile he would give me.

I don't know what was running through me but I did it. I kissed him. After all these years I realised why I was always nervous and jumpy with him. Because I liked him.

When I pulled away, he smiled at me. He didn't push me back. He smiled. That smile boosted my ego. I reached for his hand, and held it.

For those few seconds, I was the happiest boy alive. What I didn't realise was that Mrs. Chae had seen everything that had just happened with wide eyes, hand over mouth in shock.

She was just shouting. Spitting vulgar words at me. Mom ran and hugged me from the side while Mrs. Chae continued to shout. I didn't cry. I didn't cry because I didn't care.

It took me 14 years for me to find myself, I wasn't going to let some wrinkly lady take it away from me.

I didn't care until she started to drag him away. I didn't care until I seen him reach out for me, trying to hold onto me. I didn't care until I watched his eyes tear up. I didn't care until I realised that I couldn't do anything but let him be taken away from me.

All in that moment I had loved and I had lost.

And now I know that I'm never going to see him again. The one who stuck by me through everything.

I know he's leaving. I won't be able to say goodbye. To say sorry. Because all of this happened because of me.

I don't know what to say or do other than apologize.

I'm sorry Hyungwon....

- jeon jungkook


For my friends


Talking body:
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Prologue: unedited

Prologue: unedited

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