7. cleaning cubicles

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It was the next day, and Jungkook was back in the principal's office. With a frowning Taehyung seated right next to him.

" So..." Principal Lee started off with a solemn tone, " you must be wondering why the both of you guys are sitting in my office right now. "

" Um....no. " Taehyung said.

" Well, its to talk about the issue that happened yesterday. "

" If I may headmaster Lee, this is not my fault. " Taehyung interjected. Jungkook looked at Taehyung and scoffed, " really? You're quick to defend yourself. "

" Yeah I am when it really isn't my fault. "

" Oh my God, yes it is! " Jungkook emphasized, rolling his eyes.

Headmaster Lee was amused watching the two boys fight back and forth. He then cleared his throat and the two boys stopped mid sentence. " Right, as much as I want to see where this argument ends up, we really need to talk about yesterday. The word is, that Taehyung poured his drink all over you, and then you battered his car too bits. "

Jungkook rolled his eyes and Taehyung smiled smugly because he knew Jungkook would get into more trouble for vandalism. The two boys didn't say anything, and so the principal continued to speak, " these actions will not be tolerated, and you do know that the both of you will be punished severely. "

" Yes sir. " The two boys said.

" Now, what I want to know, is why this situation has happened in the first place, Taehyung? "

" Well sir, I simply poured my drink over Jungkook for fun. Seemed like the perfect target. "

Jungkook glared holes into Taehyung's skull, and the principal just sighed, "Taehyung...you know that this is an act of bullying, and you could get expelled. "

" But I'm not, and that's because you can't handle to have some bad news on your perfect little school. "

" Don't show attitude to me young man. " Principal Lee spoke in a low, deep tone. Something that Jungkook had never seen him do before. Principal Lee was always happy, and was always seen swirling around in his chair, but with Taehyung, he seemed to act different. Like he had to control him.

" Yes sir. " Taehyung spat out, not making eye contact with headmaster Lee. There was some weird tension between the two of them, and Jungkook could feel it.

Headmaster Lee faced Jungkook, " what's your story then? " He smiled at Jungkook who rolled his eyes in return.

" He poured drink on me. I mashed his car up. " Jungkook flatly said.

" Wow, I can't be anticipated more to that story. " The principal chuckled. "Right well, Jungkook you can't go round smashing people's car windows and all sorts. "

Jungkook scoffed, " he can't go round pouring drinks on people. " He said stubbornly.

" Well, as I said before, we need a solution to this problem. It's obvious the both of you don't get on. So what do you reckon we do? "

" Sir, with all due respect, you can give me whatever the hell you want, detentions for the rest of the year, make me pay back for the cost of his repairs or even expell me..." Jungkook began, " but I am not tutoring him. "

Taehyung had a look of satisfaction on his face, " thanks kookie. "

" Don't call me that. " Jungkook snapped.

Principal Lee exhaled, pulling out a cigar and lighting it. " You guys stress me out. " He said in a more pitched voice. The silver haired boy smirked slightly and sniggered, while Jungkook glared at him.

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