3. Min Yoongi

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Yoongi's birthday special


Jimin was ranting again. " I swear, Jungkook, you don't understand. Textiles is the fucking worst. All you do is sew things together. And it looks shabby as fuck. The littlest pet shop girl made it look so fucking easy. Ughhhhhhh. And the cost for materials. I hate it. "

" Jimin I know. I'm in the same class as you. And textiles is fun. It's like expressing yourself with your sense of style. I would've thought you liked it. "  Jungkook said. The two boys were walking to textiles. " No, Jungkook. I hate it. With a passion. I just don't know what to do. "

Jungkook looked at him simply, " just drop the class then. "

" No, because I like drawing dresses. "

" Then take art then. "

" No, because I don't like drawing anything else. "

" Jimin. I don't know what to do then. No one can win with you. Just drop out of college then. " Jungkook said sarcastically.

Jimin sighed, " I don't know, life's complicated as fuck. "

" No Jimin, it's just you that's complicated. " Jin walked up to Jimin and Jungkook.

His eyes were bloodshot, heavy bags under his eyes. The normal twinkle in his eye was gone. His hair was ruffled, and his lips had dried blood on them. Like he'd been tugging on them over and over again. His skin was grey and pale.

" Jin, are you okay? " Jimin asked, putting his arms around Jin's shoulders. Jin shrugged him off and nodded.

" Jin, you look like someone ran you over, reversed, and went over you again. No offence. " Jungkook blurted out.

" No, it's alright, I had a movie night last night, filled with snacks and alcohol. Lots of it. " Jin said, chuckling.

" Well, there's a lot about what you just said that I don't believe. " Jimin replied.

" But I believe the alcohol part. Did you even shower? " Said Jungkook, who began sniffing Jin.

" You smell like an old man. Well, old men. And cigars. And the aftertaste of vodka. "

" Nice of you guys to tell me what I already know. " Jin kissed his teeth.

" Seriously Jin, you should've stayed at home today. Get some beauty sleep. Eat. Shower maybe? " Jimin said.

" Well, I didn't want to so can you just drop it. " Jin said harshly, and pushed past the other two boys, rushing to his own class.

Jungkook huffed, " What's wrong with him? " Jimin shrugged, running his hand through his hair.

" He's been acting weird since yesterday, when he left. "

" You're right, he didn't even answer any of our texts. " Jungkook nodded.

" I don't know what's wrong with him. But I think we should leave it. He'll tell us when he's ready. For all we know he probably had a bad date or something. "

" True but it could be something else. I've never seen Jin like that. Anyways, you're right, it's not our place to do anything. " Jungkook voiced out. He just hoped nothing bad happened to Jin to make him like this.

" Anyways, where's Hoseok? "

Just on cue the red head ran up to Jimin and Jungkook, panting. " What's up bitches? " He said taking deep breaths. Jimin rolled his eyes and continued walking. Whereas Jungkook replied, " Ew. You're sweating like a pig. How much did you run? "

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