6. lunch spill

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It was lunch time when it first happened.

" Where were you? " Asked Jimin, he was walking with Jungkook to the lunch line. " Oh, I was talking to Taehyung. "

" Ew, why? " Jin said, gagging.

" Okay, as much as I hate the guy, I really don't want to give up that deal that headmaster Lee gave me, and, this could be a really good opportunity for me. I want to teach textiles and fashion to people, so this could be a really good opportunity for me to start practicing. " Jungkook replied.

As the line moved up, the three boys chatted about the whole tutor situation Jungkook was in. " Why do you even need to tutor him? "

" Apparently his some of his grades are low, I think the grades that are low of his are core subjects. "

" Jesus, so in reality, Taehyung is just a brainless football player. " Jimin said.

" A hot one though. " A voice came. All three boys looked up and saw the lunch lady, placing a hand on her chest and sigh, like a school girl who was deeply in love.

" Oh for fucks sake. Are we the only people who are not so fucked up by them? " Jimin shouted , raising his hands up.

" Yes. " The lunch lady said, sternly. " He is the most hottest thing ive seen from 00's. and have you seen his cousin? Kim Namjoon? him with his hair, and those dimples are the most amazing things ever. "

Jin frowned, " can you stop drooling all over the food please, I'd prefer to eat. " The lunch lady rolled her eyes. " And he's not that hot. " He muttered quietly, grabbing an apple to eat.

" Okay, forget Namjoon, have you seen Yoongi? Oh my lord, they make my ovaries burn. Whenever I look at them my eggs are ready to be fertilized. " Kelly sighed again, eyes gazing upwards.

Jimin's face dropped and he scoffed, " are you sure that your eggs aren't out date, first of all? Second of all, you might want to wear some deodorant, I can smell the desperation. "

Kelly's eyes widened but Jimin continued, " Yoongi isn't even peng, so get your head out of your ass, and continue doing your job. " He finished off, taking a sandwich.

The lunch lady then turned to Jungkook, " come on, at least Taehyung. His hair is so amazing and I would love to dip my whole body into his tan skin. And his eyes are smouldering. "

Jungkook kissed his teeth, " lady, " he began, talking in a grim tone, " you're a fourty year old woman, who has three kids, and you're on your fourth," Jungkook peered over the counter to see Kelly's pregnant belly. "Get a grip. And Taehyung, in fact all of them are young enough to be your children. All of them, also, are ignorant assholes that are so egotistical and cocky that it is unbelievable that they are made of flesh, bones and organs, instead of the words ego and money. " Jungkook finished off, snatching the water bottle off of Kelly.

" Jesus. So all of you guys hate all three of those boys. "

" Yes. " Jungkook, Jimin and Jin said.

Kelly nodded and said, " so that just tells me that the tall one has been broken hearted by Namjoon. You with the crispy hair has a crush on Yoongi. And you....well you're just cute, you're intrigued by Taehyung. "

" Bitch..." All three boys began.

" You. Couldn't. Be. More. Wrong. " Jimin clapped after every word, and sassed.

" Girl even though you got a nose job, your nose is still fat. " Jin remarked.

Kelly gasped, and clutched her nose, " can you guys leave, I have other people to serve. " She said

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