22. friends

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" I can't believe that we're going to stay in a lake house.... we're going to sunbathe, swim in the lakes....I'm gonna drown Hoseok. " Jimin sighed, resting on Jungkook's bed, as Jungkook was rushing around, shoving clothes into a suitcase.

Jungkook's hair was sticking up in all sorts of places. His eyes were dry and red, and his throat was scratchy. All of his clothes were crumpled, and he was wearing two different socks and shoes. Jungkook sighed, " Jimin! Shut up! "

Jimin just rolled his eyes in return, and continued to chat on about Hoseok and Yoongi. Mindlessly telling about how unfair it was. Jungkook pulled at his hair, quickly messaging his dad to take his cats to their home while he was away from his apartment for a while.

" Jimin...you could've told me that we were leaving today to get there earlier. I would've packed so much more earlier. " Jimin just shrugged, looking at his nails, " that ain't my problem hunny. No one helped me with Hoseok and to be fai- "

Jungkook, who was tired of Jimin going on and on about Hoseok, yelled at Jimin, " Please shut up! No one cares about Hoseok because he clearly likes you and not Yoongi. So get it fucking together shorty. " Jungkook kissed his teeth.

Jimin rolled his eyes in return and didn't think much of his friend shouting at him because he knew that Jungkook was stressed and tired. He watched Jungkook run around for a bit more, before Jungkook collapsed on his bed with a big groan. " Ok, I'm officially done out. "

Jimin chuckled, " why are you even rushing in the first place? " Jungkook sat up, " I want to sit in Yoongi's car. That shit has the most amount of leg space and it's comfy. "

" Just catch a bus. " Jimin suggested. Jungkook gasped loudly, " oh my days, I'm not a peasant. "

Jimin laughed loudly, " nahhh, fully though, the buses have evolved. They now have more leg space and they have free WiFi. You could practically live in a bus nowadays. "

" That's it. I'm catching the bus from now on. " Jungkook bluntly announced, while Jimin laughed loudly.

At that moment, Jungkook's door was knocked, and Jin's voice could be heard. " Open up bitches. It's too early in the morning for me to be standing up. " Jungkook ran to get the door, and opened it. Seeing Jin wearing big sunglasses, holding a huge coffee cup in his hand. He held his bag over his shoulder, and he looked at Jungkook with a frown.

" What? I never got my beauty sleep. "

Jin pushed past Jungkook and threw himself on Jungkook's bed, and soft snoring could be heard a few minutes later. But Jin had told them the day before that at no costs should he fall asleep.

So Jimin smiled mischievously. He raised his hand and slapped Jin, the sound vibrating. However, Jin just shuffled around, snoring louder. Jimin just looked plain freaked out by this and he moved away from Jin.

" Wow....he really wasn't joking. " Jimin muttered. " Well? What do we do? Let's pour water all over him."

Jungkook scoffed, " uh..no. He's on my bed right now, and I'm not gonna pour water all over my sheets for him."

Jungkook and Jimin thought for a while, before Jimin started grinning like the Cheshire cat. " I've got an idea." Jimin walked all the way to the side of the bed, and screamed in Jin's ear. " Ah.... Namjoon. Right there! "

Jin got up with a jolt, scaring Jimin. Jin looked like he was ready to slice someone's throat with his hands.

" Which bitch is near him? " He said, before realising that he was still in Jungkook's bed. After he clocked on what his friends did, he just glared at them, and continued to rest while Jungkook grabbed the last things he needed.

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