Twenty Eight - They finally broke the magic!

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Scarlett laid still on her bed, too tired from crying all night to even move a muscle

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Scarlett laid still on her bed, too tired from crying all night to even move a muscle. It was the day her mother was killed and just like every year, she had locked herself inside her room. Thankfully, there was no fight for her so none of her pack members disturbed her. Although Elestren did come twice telling her to eat something and was sent back be Scarlett even before she could knock at the door. 

Scarlett was mad, and she was thirsty for blood, blood of the man who took her life away, blood of the man who tied her to the pole and set her on fire. Her nails were digging deep in her palms drawing blood from them making the bed covers turn red but she was too occupied with her thoughts to even pay attention to the physical pain.

Fryer who was forced to visit her by the concerned Elestren knocked on her door.

"Leave" Scarlett yelled at whoever that person was, too lazy to study and figure his identity.

"Unfortunately, you can't order me around." Fryer entered through the door and stopped midway when he saw her bloodied hands.

"What the hell, Scarlett!" He yelled and ran to her.

"Please leave!" She whispered and shifted away from him. "I really don't want to see someone right now"

"The hell I am" He growled at her angrily. He grabbed her hand and yanked her towards him. He opened her palms and cursed when he saw how deep she had dug her nails in her skin. 

"What the hell do you think you are doing harming yourself like this?" he yelled at Scarlett but she just rolled her eyes and pulled her hands away from him.

"Shut up" She mumbled and shifted again turning her back towards him "You are causing me a headache"

"And you are giving me one by acting stupidly"

"All the more reason for you to leave" She retorted.

He snarled at her behaviour and turned me around again, this time holding her shoulders to keep her from moving. Scarlett immediately looked away from him to avoid any type of eye contact with him.

"Did you cry?" He asked in shock.

"Why would I cry?" Scarlett snorted.

"Your face tells a different story though" He grabbed her chin and made her look at him. "Your eyes are red and puffy, there are dark circles under your eyes, your whole face is flushed and there are obvious tear prints on your cheek"

He stroked her cheek softly. Scarlett looked away again when she felt herself tearing up again.

"What's wrong?" He asked still hovering over her.

"I just miss my mom," Scarlett said with wobbling lips. 

Fryer took a long breath and picked her up. He placed her in his arms and hugged her tightly.

"She is in a better place right now," he whispered in her ear. Scarlett's grip on his shirt tightened.

Scarlette shook her head and tried to stand up when her legs wobbled. Fryer grabbed her by her waist just in time before she could fall.

He pulled her close to himself holding her tight to make sure she didn't escape.

"I missed you," He whispered softly, too afraid that she would disappear again. Scarlett looked away from him and tried to get away when Fryer pulled her back making the two stumble back and fall on the bed. Fryer took the opportunity and turned each other around so now he was hovering over him. 

Scarlett raised her hand, ready to teleport herself away from him when Fryer stopped her in his broken voice. "Don't! please," He pleaded her. 

Scarlett looked at him lied hand back down. 

"Thanks," Fryer said, a tear escaped his eye and fell over Scarlet's cheek.

Scarlett raised her shacky hand and wiped the tear away, her own tears gathering in her eyes.

"That day," Fryer looked at her, "You said you loved me."

Scarlett's chest raised as a strong feeling started to build inside her. The two felt a sudden pinch in their hearts as if something was trying to break loose. 

"Do you you still feel the same?" Fryer asked her ignoring the pain he was feeling. 

But for Scarlett, it was becoming unbearable as with every word Fryer said, the pain increased. A sense of tingles started to raise where their bare skin touched. 

"Do you love me?" Fryer whispered so low that Scarlett barely heard him. Her breath became ragged as she forgot everything around her and her sole focus was on the man above her.

"I..." Scarlett barely whispered, "I never stopped loving you."

It was as if the world suddenly stopped around them. Fryer put his lips on her's kissing her aggressively as if they were hungry for each other. A sudden burst of electricity ran through their body making them both gasp. Their bodies become numb as the sudden pain hit their chest. Fryer tumbled and forced his body to the left before he could fall over Scarlett. The pain was so unbearable that Scarlett screamed. Her pack members immediately ran inside room followed by Fryer's all shocked to see the tow alphas clawing at their chest as if they were trying to claw out their hearts. 

"What....what is going on?" Elestren ran to Scarlett but a sudden burst of energy from Scarlet's body threw her back. 

The two kept groaning in pain as the pain kept increasing with every passing minute. Suddenly, the three of the council members including Fryer's grandmother entered the room. 

"Rosetta!" Felix ran to her, "What is happening to them?"

Rosetta took slow small steps towards the two and smiled. "They finally broke the magic!"

"What magic?" Elestren asked her.

"Fate always finds a way," Rosetta gave a small smile, "True mates always find their way to each other no matter how much the world pull them apart."

"What do you mean by true mates?" Zolten came forward and looked at Scarlett in worry.

The other council member stepped forward and gave a throaty laugh. "The black magic that separated the two, they finally broke that magic."

Scarlett who despite the pain could clearly hear what they were talking about grabbed Fryer's hand. Fryer looked at her, ignoring his own pain because what he had discovered was much greater. Tears streamed down their cheeks as the two smiled through the pain.

"I love you," Fryer whispered.

"I love you too," Scarlet barely whispered before darkness took over her. 


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