Chapter Seventeen-Fancy

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"Loki, I'm not dressed for this." I object as we walk through the doors of what Loki decided was the fanciest restaurant within walking distance. It's five stars and I have jeans on. Loki allows me a cursory glance before waving a hand at me. My clothing melts away into a cream-colored pencil dress that comes to my knees. A zipper is half undone across my chest and a small collar tickles the back of my neck. I tilt forward and look down to find jade green heels on my feel. I huff at Loki but he just smirks and smooths down his curls a bit.

"Just request a table, darling." His hand on the small of my back ushers me to the man who seats people. My eyes glance at his nametag; James.

"Reservation?" He questions and his eyes lift. Loki's turned halfway to the dining room to avoid being recognized.

"We...don't have one." Now the man's eyes grow tired and he sighs.

"I'm sorry, we don't have any tables available." He tells me and I flinch when I feel Loki's lips at my ear.

"Demand a table. You've earned it and after all, it's only a table." Loki entices me and I pull back to look at his eyes. He smiles as this puts our lips very close to one another.

"It starts with a table, then it's dinner, jewelry, fine clothes. It's stealing, Loki." I hiss and his head shakes.

"You are too hard on yourself. You should be allowed to be yourself, at least every once and a while."

"Sorry, but could you leave? We have people waiting behind you." The man at the front tells us, but I ignore him a moment longer.

"It's a philosophical concept. Like that book you were reading? Ask yourself if it would be alright if everyone did what you're doing."

"But we are not everyone else." He shoots back and I grit my teeth together.

"Look, you really need to leave. Should I call security?" The man speaks again and both of us turn to look at him.

"Misbehave a bit, darling." Loki teases again and my head shakes. I look around at the fine restaurant and the man looking at Loki and me with thinly veiled disdain.

"Escort us to your best table." I sigh and Loki perks up like a child confronted with chocolate. We follow the man to the second-floor balcony and to the corner table with a view of the rest of the restaurant. Loki and I take our seats as I turn back to the confused gentleman. "Thank you. Now, bring us your best bottle of wine, red, and treat us like your most important clients." He nods and waves to our menus sitting in the middle of the table before scampering away to fulfill the rest of my commands. Loki sighs contentedly and turns to face me interestedly.

"Wouldn't you rather live like this every day? Be treated like royalty, as you truly are?" He twitches a finger and I reach up to touch my hair only to find a small tiara instead. I roll my eyes and the metal disappears.

"I won't lie. This is nice and it's nice to have this every once and a while, but my idea of being spoiled is a big bed with a lot of pillows, sweatpants, coffee, and a couple of dozen books." I tell him honestly and his eyes shine with interest at the information. James returns and pours both of us a healthy glass of wine before ducking away again.

"You could have all of those things a thousand times over-"

"But I only need the one." I shrug, enjoying how I fascinate him. My finger crooks to James and he comes back over. "Serve us one of everything on the menu." I take Loki's menu and hand both to James before he nods and moves away.

"You befuddle me, darling, truly. Although I believe I understand you in one way." He says and I raise the glass to my lips, letting the smooth liquid flow into my mouth and down my throat.

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