Chapter Thirteen-Tense

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It's definitely a relief to not feel multiple eyes on me anymore. "You are...very powerful." Loki tells me and the corner of my lips lift.

"And you are very controversial. Might want to work on your social skills." I return and he tugs me a little closer. My eyebrows raise.

"If you don't object to my being around you, I think I'll be fine." The elevator dings and we stride out, steps emulated by the other.

"You might want more allies than just Thor and I," I tell him as we walk. He hums and hopefully thinks on it while I slip my arm from his grasp to open his bedroom door just across from mine. I wave him inside and he goes, spinning around the space and back to me.

One of his eyebrows pops up, "It's a bit small, yes?" He questions and I roll my eyes.

"It's as good as you're going to get and I suggest you learn to love it. I'm just across the hall, here." I walk over and open the door. Loki follows. His expression is still unimpressed. There are still books all over the floor, but at least there are bookshelves in here now. "It's more than a jail cell which is what you would have if everyone else got their way." Loki sighs and waves a lazy hand over the room. Suddenly, it's at least five times bigger and everything is made from white marble. Gold tables litter the room, red petals litter the floor, and a bed covered in blue velvet sits on the far wall, gold and marble columns alongside it.

"Wouldn't you prefer a palace?" Loki asks and waves a hand over me. Suddenly I'm wearing a gold dress with fabric like silk and a blue cape hung back on my shoulders. While I admit this dress is fine as fuck, I'm not sure how I feel about Loki dressing me.

"Loki...this is beautiful but I don't need all this. It was fine the way it was." I shrug and his brows furrow. Everything disappears.

"You are a fascinating woman. You could have all the riches, the followers, the whole world, yet you do not even wish to use your gift." He says and I shrug, moving further into my room while dodging book piles and gathering clothes to change into after I shower.

"I don't take pleasure from controlling others, Loki. You saw that." I toss my clothes on the bathroom counter before facing him once again. Loki shakes his head.

"Yes, I've seen. Another thing that confuses me about you, silver tongue." Loki starts and I put a hand on my hip as I listen. "Such power is within you and yet, you shy away from it." Guessing we're not going to get to the end of this, I sigh.

"Well right now Ms. Powerful needs a shower. Please, please do your best to stay out of trouble." I plead and he smiles charmingly.

"I swear, my lovely." He bows slightly and I roll my eyes before ducking into the bathroom. It feels heavenly to take a hot shower and I'm certain I take a particularly long time in it. My fingers and toes are crepey and I have absolutely zero regrets. I slip on black yoga pants and a bra but left my shirt in the room. Figuring Loki most likely got bored and left, I slip out. And, of course, I was wrong. One of my eyebrows raises when I find Loki sitting patiently on my bed with one of my books in his hand. His face lifts and a smile tempts his lips.

"And here I was hoping you'd emerge naked but for a cloud of steam." I snort in what I'm sure is a wonderfully sexy way and shake my head, fully emerging from the bathroom and putting a hand on my hip.

"Only in the novels. I see you've taken the liberty of putting them in my bookshelves for me. Thanks." My eyes scan the spines and instantly note he's put them in alphabetical order. When he doesn't respond immediately, I look back up at him. At first, I think he's staring at my light green bra, but then realize it's the tattoo just under he's transfixed on. "Got an eyeful yet?" I question and he blinks.

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