Chapter Twenty-Home Planet

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I moan and stretch as I always do in the morning, quickly becoming aware of the other person in bed with me as well as the slight aches that same man caused. Blinking, I run a hand through my hair while turning towards his face. Blue eyes are bright in the early morning light and an easy smile is stretched across his lips.

"Morning." He greets me. I hum in return and reach up with my lips.

"Good," kiss, "morning," I tell him and continue kissing myself awake as if his lips are caffeine. Slowly, he begins to chuckle into my lips until I'm forced to stop. "Mm. Are you always giggly in the morning?" I question drowsily as I relax back into the sheets. Steve shakes his head.

"Actually, I haven't felt this good about waking up for a while." He says self-deprecatingly and I raise an eyebrow, eyes scanning his face for sarcasm.

"Bit nihilistic for America's golden boy," I comment and reach up to peck his lips again. "Anything on the agenda today?"

"Babysitting a Norse god and making sure he doesn't cause chaos with our new arrival," Steve responds and I groan.

"That's not important. Why don't we just," my hand reaches up and grasps the baby hairs on the back of his neck, "stay in bed today? Make love a couple more times?" I suggest and he grins, leaning down and kissing me gently.

"Is that what you want?" His words are spoken directly into my mouth and I like the way they taste.

"Mmhmm." I hum the affirmative as the kiss becomes deeper. He moves on top of me, but we both freeze when there's a knock at the door. Steve groans softly and gets up, walking into the bathroom to hide this time while I snatch sweatpants and a tank. I open the door to find Carol in a baggy shirt and jeans.

"Hey. Wanted to talk. Thought maybe breakfast would be the right occasion for it." She says with a cursory look at my rumpled self. I'm nodding before I can think.

"Give me just a second?" She nods and I softly shut the door before hurrying around the room getting dressed. Steve watches with a small smile.

"Rea, I wanted to ask...if she asks you you think you'll go with her?" I pause on the bed as I slip my shoes on and glance up at his form leaning on the bathroom doorframe. My foot drops and I sigh.

"Maybe. I mean, it's space. And it's my history, a heritage that will probably die with me. Don't I owe it to everyone to at least make some effort?" I ask him the question I've been asking myself since Carol said the words. Steve shrugs.

"I don't think you owe anyone anything." He tells me and walks over as I stand, hands smoothing down my arms tenderly. "Whatever you want to do, Reagan. That's what matters." His voice is firm but eyes soft. I melt a little as I go up on my tiptoes to press a kiss to his lips.

"Thank you." And those words convey much more. He ducks back as I slip out the door and start walking down the hall with Carol. "So, do you have a particular breakfast you're partial to?" I ask when we head into the gathering room. My finger turns the coffee pot on as I pass to snoop in the fridge. "Actually...scratch that. Hope you like eggs." I come out with only those and a sheepish grin. Carol chuckles and waves a hand.

"Eggs are perfect. Am I right in saying you have the Skogsra's abilities?" She asks nonchalantly while grabbing two coffee cups. I shrug and start making scrambled eggs.

"If that means getting people to do whatever I say, then yes." She nods and puts two plates down on the counter next to me.

"And yesterday you were...?" She continues and I look back at the eggs as I pour them in a pan.

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