Chapter Eighteen-Captains?

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As soon as we stop back at the facility Loki explodes from the van in relief while I grab the bags with a giggle. "You took those curves fast on purpose." He accuses and I laugh louder as we head inside.

"I definitely did," I admit and get a smile for it. The facility seems empty, but perhaps that's just the lateness of the hour. It was sunset when we left the city, but I hadn't guessed how long it would take to get us back. Velvet night has been thrown over the sky and seems to have banished all the living to their respective spaces. "So...what is it to be royalty back on Asgard?" I question and he sighs.

"Well, you haven't any siblings, so for you, it would be hearty battles with lavish dinners afterward. Praise would be heaped upon you, lovers would obviously throw themselves at you," I giggle at that and he pauses as we reach my door, looking into my eyes with amusement dancing in those meadow green eyes. "and although I believe you could have subjects cowering in fear, I believe you would rule with a...fair and kind hand." My eyebrows pop up at the shockingly sweet words.

"You're doing a good job getting on my good side, but I hope that was genuine," I tell him as I turn the handle for my room. Loki fakes offense.

"Would I lie?" He scoffs and I snort as I finally step into my room only to find Steve sitting on the bed. He instantly stands when we both walk in and his eyes switch between Loki and I, including the cream dress that I have on. I'm sure this looks a little strange.

"Steve, hi." I greet him a little nervously and set the bags down to the side. "We just went out for the day. Needed a break from everything for a bit." I explain while he nods slowly.

"I understand. This place can be a little suffocating at times." He gives me an out and I sigh in relief that I don't have to keep going.

"I think we'll continue our fun another time, darling," Loki speaks up, taking my hand and pressing a frigid kiss to my knuckles. He looks to Steve and gives him a cursory glance up and down, then shakes his head. "Remember if you don't please her, I'm in the wings, Captain." He tells him and my eyes shut in embarrassment. Chuckling, he ducks out and shuts the door behind him.

"Sorry." I breathe and open my eyes to a near smile on his face.

"Not your fault. I figured you were up to something when we received pounds of gourmet food. Tony and Natasha were very grateful, by the way." He tells me and I'm glad the weirdness in the room seems to be fading.

"Oh, and you weren't?" I tease and walk over to the bathroom with my dress bag to hang the two. I glance back over to see him shrug as I hang them on the door.

"Think I'd rather have you here." My hands stall as they slide down the dress. His eyes are trained on me and that's part of what makes him so disorienting and wonderful. Most guys would look away after saying something vulnerable, but he just keeps staring at me like that. I take a shaky breath. "I waited up because I wanted to talk. I wanted to earlier today, but things kind of got into the way. I figured talking late at night was the best chance at no interruptions. Of course, unless you're tired because I can just go-"

"I'm not tired," I assure him quickly and he stops halfway to the door. "We can talk." He nods and suddenly looks nervous himself. I step out of the bathroom with furrowed brows. "If you're worried about last night you don't have to be. I'm pretty sure we've done a bit more than just fall asleep together." He chuckles and allows the tension to drop from his shoulders. After a breath, he takes a step towards me until we're in the same positions as this morning; me between him and the wall. Those clear blue eyes scan mine again as his hands slide over the fabric clinging to my hips. My hands ball up his t-shirt to keep him close. "I...I think I'd rather you kiss me than talk." I declare a little nervously but he just grins. Our noses gently graze, then his lips press into mine.

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