Chapter Fifteen-Alien?

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Finally, we skid to a stop in front of the lab and Tony practically drags me in by my arm.

"Rea, you beautiful thing, have I got a surprise for you." He tells me, nearly shivering with excitement. My eyes go to a bashful Bruce, then stop. There's an emptiness here without Steve and I'm not really sure how to feel about it.

"We ran your blood again," Bruce says and my brows furrow.

"Thought there was nothing there?" I ask and both men nod, Thor by my side listening as I am.

"Yes, that's what we thought. Then we put it up against Point Break over here and found something interesting." Tony's fingers fly over his keyboard before two holographic DNA strips appear in front of us all.

"There's a similarity here. Not Asgardian, not quite, but something close." Bruce explains.

"Before you can ask, we don't know what yet. We actually might not have any record of you to begin with." Tony continues and I hold up a shivering hand before the two continue.

"Are...are you telling me," I start in a soft, low voice, "that I'm an alien? Is that what you're saying to me right now?" Brows furrowed, arms across my chest, I wait for their answer. Bruce and Tony glance at one another then back at me. That's all the answer I need. "Right, okay. Sure. Of course, I am. Jesus, I think...I think I need to sit down." Thor is quick to just scoop me up and carry me to the couch in the corner and Bruce instantly hands me a glass of water.

"This is shocking, yes, but not horrible!" Thor assures me as he crouches beside me. I look at his sincere face and almost laugh. "I'm an alien and I am mighty." My panic tamps down a bit as he does his best to comfort me.

"Thank you, I-" Suddenly Loki appears in the doorway and my eyes sharpen. He knew about this before I did. My hand raises and I crook a finger at him. He approaches warily. "Turns out I'm an alien, Loki. You wouldn't happen to know anything about this would you?" I question and he sighs.

"I was trying to tell you in the forest, darling."

"What do you know of this, Loki?" Thor asks, standing from his crouch. Loki seems to consider his options for a moment before answering.

"What creature," I shiver a bit at being called that, "do we know of has tattoos just here?" He traces a long finger across his upper torso and I watch Thor's eyes widen.

"Skogsra." He murmurs and turns back to me. Loki smirks.

"And what does that mean?" Tony asks before I can. Thor turns to me and is obviously looking at me in a different light than before.

"It is a race that has long been extinct. Or presumed so. A race of powerful warriors. They were slaughtered at the hands of the dark elves a long time ago. How did you come to survive?" He asks and everyone turns to me for an answer.

"I don't know! I'm learning this at the same time you are!" Bruce nods as if he expected this.

"Thor, could these people do what Rea does?" He asks a good question and we all turn to Thor. His head shakes.

"Only a few had this gift. I should've thought of this before." He chides himself and looks to me once again.

"What I want to know is how Loki knew you had this tat, Rea." Tony questions curiously. I wave a hand at the question.

"Accident. Came out of the shower and he was there. Thor, is there anything else you can tell us?" I question desperately.

"I am afraid their- ah, your, history has been wiped out with your race." I deflate back against the couch with a huff. This is such utter bullshit. "But," I perk up again. "your tattoos will indicate where you stood in society. High or low." He informs me and I look up at him skeptically.

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