Chapter Eight-Stay

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"Thank you," I tell Tony sincerely. "I think I'll definitely stay the night." Wanda grins at this and I continue when Steve walks over. "That is if Steve doesn't mind letting me borrow his clothes a little longer," I add and look up at him. His brows furrow, but he can't wipe the smile off his face.

"I don't mind. You're staying?" He confirms and I nod.

"Pretty sure any guy here would happily let you wear their clothes, Rea," Bucky says and smirks proudly at Steve. "Glad you and a girl are finally going steady." I understand that reference and smile at Bucky while Steve huffs.

"Dinner!" Natasha comes in and breezes past all of us to the dining table, boxes of pizza in hand. Steve locks eyes with me, looking smug. He was right. Pizza night. Steve flicks his chin to the table and I follow him over, sitting beside him at the oval. Everyone files over and distributes paper plates around before sitting. It's Steve, me, Wanda, Nat, Vision who I haven't met yet, a couple of empty seats, Bruce, Tony, Sam, and Bucky.

"So, when are you going to show me your mind mojo?" Tony asks as I hand him a slice of pizza. My head shakes of its own volition.

"Keep bugging her about it and she might make you dance like a chicken for eternity." Bruce comments quietly and we all turn to him, surprised. Giggling, I accept Steve's plate and serve him before he serves me.

"Not possible. Funny though." Bruce raises his eyebrows and I'm quick to explain. "My influence doesn't last forever. Only until the person does the thing or it just wears off."

"Know how long it lasts?" Bucky asks. The first time he's asked about it.

"Uh, not really. I've never stuck around someone long enough to see." I answer and he nods before inhaling half of a piece of pizza.

"You said you couldn't get into someone's head though." Wanda poses, her interest obvious by the fact she hasn't even touched her pizza.

"Shouldn't forget your food. But, yes, you're right. Like Bruce said earlier my ability is only auditory. Simple and easy with no maneuvering around thoughts or anything." I answer slowly so she has the chance to eat.

"Have you ever tried it on someone who was expressly against whatever the action was?" Bruce asks and I nod.

"Don't think any of those gang members particularly wanted to confess." Sam jokes and the table rumbles with quiet humor.

"No, no, I meant someone who knew what you can do and fought against it." Bruce specifies and all eyes turn to me. I swallow my bite of cheese pizza and bite my tongue lightly, actively avoiding Steve's gaze.

"Uh, yeah. Once. The person still did what I said." I don't elaborate and I'm surprised no one presses the issue. "Anyways, I hear there's a petition for jet skis?" The table erupts, mostly from Tony and the topic is effectively changed. It's a nice dinner. The most recent meal I've had with someone was with Steve and before that Don, so it's definitely a nice change. A man named Rhodes, or Rhodey as Tony says, comes mid-meal and it's obvious he's been gone for a while from the happy reception. He seems kind and shakes my hand even after finding out my ability.

Nearly all the pizza is gone by the time everyone is done and we split off slowly. Vision leaves first after I insist on shaking his hand. I'm gifted with a smile before he just walks through a wall. Sam leaves next with the assurance that Tony will have donuts delivered in the morning and Natasha leaves just after him. Wanda's eyes are getting a little heavy as we listen to Tony and Bruce go on about my possible capabilities.

"We'll see tomorrow, gentlemen. For now, I think an actual bed will do me some good." I stand and everyone follows, making me smile. "Wanda, could you show me to my room? Not sure if I remember the right floor." Steve meets my eyes knowingly and I shrug. "Night everybody."

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