Chapter Eleven-Surprising Guests

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"Oh. I apologize if my arrival frightened you." He says and walks over, allowing me to grasp his forearm to tug me to my feet.

"Yeah, just a bit. Uh, I'm Rea. New addition." I introduce myself and glance over his shoulder to a dark-haired man that is familiar in a not-so-friendly way. Thor shakes my hand gently and I'm quick to rescind it.

"Ah, good to meet another member of the team. This is my brother, Loki. He's good now though. No murdering." Thor smiles and while his words are clear, I'm confused as hell.

"Pleasure to make your acquaintance," Loki speaks up, carefully walking up behind Thor. "Nice to meet a member of this team I haven't tried to kill." He chuckles nervously and my brows furrow. Is this real? Are...are these people serious?

"Right. I'm sure it is." I answer as politely as I can while being completely flummoxed. Thor looks at the facility behind me and back.

"I must go inside and explain. Loki, please behave." Thor says and nods to me before walking away.

"Always do!" Loki shouts after him and Thor just shakes his head. Loki and I face each other and an awkward silence ensues. "So...what abilities do you possess that makes you a member of" He asks and I blink. He's making conversation. God, my life has gotten weird as fuck.

"Uh, well. I...I can make people do whatever I want." I explain shortly and his cool green eyes widen.

"Really? So, are you here because you've manipulated everyone or...?" He trails off when my head shakes vehemently.

"No, no. I earned my place here. I earned their trust." At least some, anyway. Loki's gaze turns fascinated.

"And they know of your ability." He states and I nod. "And encourage its use?" He continues and I nod again. He breathes out, seemingly incredulous. "How did you earn their allegiance?"

A smile almost teases the edge of my lips and it's mostly surprise that keeps it at bay. This isn't how I ever thought a conversation with a god would go. "Well, I was honest. I...don't manipulate them. I refuse to use my gift on them." With one exception. Apparently, I'm a unicorn to Loki because he continues to look more and more awed.

"With a gift like could do whatever you wished. Yes?" He questions and it reminds me a bit of Steve when he first found out.

"Yes," I answer simply.

"Yet you choose to be a member of When you are more powerful than them all? Indeed, you could control all of them easily?" Loki continues and I dislike the very thought.

"I suppose I could, but that's not who I am. Or who I want to be." I tell him firmly. "And you? Last time New York saw you it was in very different circumstances." He sighs at this and nods.

"Yes. Well, my brother and I have had a...tumultuous relationship. I am...we are trying to remain together as the only remainders of our family." He explains shallowly and I nod.

"That's nice. Family is an important part of life, no matter what pains in the ass they may be to have around." It was meant as a slight dig towards Loki, but he looks at the facility and I can tell he's thinking of Thor.

"Wise words..." He looks at me expectantly.

"Rea." Apparently, he needed permission to use my name. Strange, but sweet in its own weird way.

"Rea. I'd like to know if your gift would work on a god." He suggests and extends his hands to his sides. I raise an eyebrow.

"Not a good idea," I reply and his thin lips turn up at the edges.

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