Chapter Fourteen-Skogsra

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(Skawgs-ra. Just do your best. ;))

"Hi." He greets me softly and gently shuts the door behind him. I make room for him on the bed and he settles beside me.

"Hey." I return and reflexively lean into his shoulder. Just the simple touch soothes me slightly.

"I brought you a plate." He holds it out to me and I chuckle at the sweet gesture, taking it and setting it on the bed beside me.

"Thanks. I'm...sorry about Loki, Steve. I didn't tell him to ask you anything he just saw right through us."

He sighs and nods with a knowing expression on his face. "Figured. He knows I'm guessing?"

"Yeah, he knows."

"So, he was intentionally baiting me?" He asks rhetorically and chuckles slightly. "Makes sense."

"I'm sorry," I whisper and he looks over at me, crystal blue eyes scanning my expression with concern. Sighing, he shrugs and leans forward a bit, leaning his elbows on his knees.

"It's not your fault," Steve tells me and cranes his neck to look back at me, eyes soft and bright. "I'm sorry Loki has apparently chosen you to prey on. Honestly, it seems like he just likes you." I laugh lightly and push into him a bit playfully.

"Jealous, Captain?" I question teasingly. He chuckles and shakes his head.

"Would it bother you if I was?" Steve questions and a bit of earnestness sneaks into his voice and makes me consider his words a little more seriously.

"Not sure what you'd be jealous of." Silence embraces us as our eyes consider one another's. Mine questioning and his warm. "It's not like Loki and I met before now and did something none of the rest of the team knows about." I tease again and feel the weight of that...something, maybe, perhaps, lift from the room.

"Right." Steve allows with a handsome grin. "Anyways, I'll leave you to eat." He stands up and my little comfort bubble wavers at the thought of him leaving.

"You could stay if you wanted," I tell him and swallow when he looks back at me, pleasant surprise scrawled across his features. "Still have no clue how to work this t.v." My hand waves to it dismissively as my eyes take in his bright smile and amusement dancing in those light pools of blue.

"You're asking the hundred-year-old to help you with technology? Must be desperate." He teases and I shrug.

"Maybe I am."

*     *     *     *     *

I grimace at the sudden influx of sunlight in the room and raise a hand to rub across my eyes, then shield them as they open. Blinking reveals the room as I left it last night only with sunshine gleaming through the windows and while I'm not a fan of the stinging light, the heat is more than welcome. I look away from the windows and stop just as I'm about to stretch out. Another pair of legs is stretched out beside mine, long, thick, with white and grey socks attached to the feet. I lift my head and turn to my left to find my pillow was actually a super-soldiers' chest and the blanket around me is his arm. I blink and turn wide eyes to his still sleeping face. Golden light has yet to reach his face but the light splayed across his shirt colors his face brighter than just fluorescent light.

His face is sculpted soft, strong jaw and smart mouth relaxed into sleep. Hair is tousled from sleep and it looks longer uncontrolled. Steve looks younger this way with all the worry and responsibilities stripped from him. Like this, he's just another twenty-something year old with too much waiting for him when he wakes. I didn't get the chance to see him sleeping the last time I was in a position to. Steve woke up first and had to go, a mission probably or embarrassment, but all I found was his number and warmth that hinted someone once laid next to me. It's a privilege to see him now, although not the greatest of circumstances.

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