Chapter Two-Undiscovered

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Quick as I can I fill out the clipboard and head out too. Past the soldiers to the front desk, I leave it there before turning back to them. My pace is slower than normal from the dull ache in my sides, but I'll manage. Steve furrows his eyebrows at me.

"You sure you're ready?" He asks and places a gentle hand on my arm. My eyes snap up to his and a little more embarrassment leaks into my cheeks. Steve seems slightly surprised at the sudden contact as if he didn't even think before touching me.

"This might shock you, but this isn't my first beating. Not even the worst. And honestly, I doubt it'll be the last." Steve's eyebrows pop up with my words and Sam chuckles slightly. A little admiration sneaks into Steve's gaze.

"Sounds like someone I know, Steve." Bucky comments and Steve rolls his eyes. My hand pats his on my arm before we both let them fall and I take a step back.

"We're headed to another floor to see the scumbags." Sam doesn't bother mentioning who that is. We all know. "Care to join?" He asks me innocently and I glance at Steve.

"If you don't mind the company."

"Not a bit," Steve answers a little too fast but seems to own it, smiling self-deprecatingly that just comes across as charming. He is very charming, but it's effortless. The kind of effortless charm that comes with a gentility of character rather than practice. It's pretty cute, as Karen said. "Lead on, Sam." Steve inclines his head and stays by my side as Sam leads. Bucky talks softly to him as we walk. Silence absorbs Steve and I just can't stand that.

"So." I start and the corner of his lips twitch. "Kind of you to help a friend," I tell him nodding towards Sam. He seems like a good man. Thoughtful and kind. Steve smiles softly.

"Gets me out of the facility when I need it." Steve agrees softly. "I know Buck appreciates the escape. What about you? Is stopping fights something normal in your life?" A light laugh tumbles from my lips as we board an elevator.

"Not quite as normal as it is in any of yours, but it happens on occasion." My shoulders rise and fall while his eyes sparkle at me.

"You never said how you learned to fight." He reminds me. Ah, right.

"Bit of a long story there, Steve," I answer and more interest spills into his baby blues.

"Is that why you never...?" He trails off, seemingly worried his question will be overheard. My lips part to answer, but I'm interrupted.

"Uh, guys? Flirt later." Bucky beckons from the hallway and we stiffen with worry before we realize he's joking. We follow.

"There was a moment," He continues and I look back at him as we walk while wariness enters my heart. "a man was coming towards you and just stopped. Looked like you told him to, but that's it." His eyebrows are furrowed slightly and I sigh. "What did you say?" Seems the Star-Spangled man hasn't lost a trick in his many years.

"Some questions are best not asked. Or in this case, not answered." I answer and there's a bit more meaning infused in the words. Our group falls silent when we enter a room and find a man lying back on the bed with a swollen face, leg in a cast, suspended above the bed. The men look to me with wide eyes and I shrug. The corner of Steve's mouth turns up before we duck into the small space. I'm starting to think the Captain likes a little mischief. Sam grabs the clipboard and scans it with a sigh.

"Craig Ramone. Judging by the cuffs and tattoos, he'll be heading back to jail soon." Sam sighs good-naturedly. Doesn't seem like he has the highest opinion of jail.

"Did quite a number on him, Rea." Bucky glances at me with a smirk.

I shrug. "I'm not a fan of people who kick others when they're down. What can I say?" Craig seems to be completely out upon further inspection. No doubt on the drugs they've given him. "Mind if we go see Jamie?" I ask. Sam nods and we file out, heading a surprisingly short distance to his room. I read his chart this time and air hisses through my teeth at his injuries.

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