Chapter Six-Science Bros

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My eyes widen when he opens the door and we're nearly blown back by Black Sabbath. Our eyes meet, mine wide with amusement and surprise, Steve's resigned. Two men are in the semi-cluttered space, both with a mess of dark curls on their heads. Steve steps in front of me and grabs the first thing his hand comes upon, a pen, and throws it at a wall of technology on the left wall. He hits his mark perfectly and the music stops, eliciting a sigh from me and indignation from Mr. Tony Stark.

"Aw, what the hell?" He curses, straightening up from his position nearly laid out over multiple curled bits of metal. "Rogers, always the spoilsport." He says in a distinctly lighter tone. I step out from behind Steve and wave.

"Hey." I greet the two men nicely. They glance at each other before standing.

"Holy shit, Cap brought a girl home. Is the world ending?" Hm, I'm starting to think this doesn't happen often. I consider Steve with a raised brow and am rewarded with a small, bashful grin. Tony hops off his stool while Bruce Banner chuckles and watches cautiously. "God, did you have to fight him to win his heart?" My cheeks get a bit hot when I think of my bruised face. "Tony Stark, nice to meet a girl who's worth the horror of meeting the team." Despite my slight insecurity, my smile is big and unstoppable as I shake his hand and Steve blushes slightly. Ah, if only they knew.

"Tony, she's talented." He tells him and Tony's amber eyes widen.

"Bet she is, big guy." He teases and I can't resist laughing nervously. Bruce walks over and I extend a hand, he accepts gently.

"Bruce Banner. I'm...sorry." He says but only looks slightly apologetic.

"Reagan Monroe. Nice to meet you." I tell him sincerely and watch him straighten from his slightly slouched stance. "And he meant I'm a potential teammate. If you'll have me." My words are aimed at Tony and Bruce since Steve is rubbing his eyes in frustration and embarrassment.

"Ah, are we holding auditions?" Tony asks, suddenly examining me much closer. "What's your party trick, Ms. Reagan?" He continues, taking my hand and guiding me to more open space as if I can explode or something on cue.

"A sort of mind control, I guess." Both men instantly still and consider me with a dose of caution. "I can tell someone to do anything and they'll do it, no matter what," I explain slowly. Steve moves a little closer to my side and while soothing me, also helps show that for some unknown reason, he's literally on my side. Both Bruce and Tony realize this. "I rarely use it unless I'm helping someone or I'm in dire need." I end. I've been spoiled so far with the almost okay reactions from the others. This is a little different.

"Sam, Bucky, and I came across her in a hospital. Despite this ability, she'd fought a couple of gang members to protect the kid we'd been looking for."

"Jamie?" Tony names and Steve nods.

"She only used her ability to get them to turn themselves in and make one pause. She fought the rest just so she wouldn't have to use her ability." Tony and Bruce look at me in confusion, but Steve isn't done. Apparently, he's determined for me to have their trust. "Rea also lives in an alley, in a purple van, behind a hotel." Now, this causes both men's brows to furrow more than before. I note Steve still doesn't mention we'd met before then.

"What? You mean you can get someone to do anything, give you a house for example, and you live in an alley?" Bruce asks with a finger hovering in front of his mouth. I shrug and nod.

"I'm not a fan of using my ability," I reply honestly.

"And how do we know our beloved Captain isn't under the influence right now?" Tony asks and Steve frowns slightly.

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