A Fairy Tale Like No Other - Seven

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Seventh Chapter

The Prince Announces His Official Girlfriend


            Diane awoke to a wonderful smell: someone cooking pancakes.

            She got up and went down to the dining room.

            “Good morning,” Troy greeted. He was wearing an apron, mittens, and a hair net.

            Diane took one look at him and she cracked up, laughing so hard she fell down on her butt.

            “What?” Troy asked, his face going red.

            “Wh-wh-y-yo-you-”Diane can’t get a word out, as she was laughing so hard.

            “Stop it,” Troy was as red as a tomato.

            “Well, you look very funny,” Diane had said finally.

            Troy looked to what he was wearing.

            “What about it? I look nice in it,” Troy retorted.

            “I’d say,” She agreed. She went up and sat down opposite her. There was only one plate with about ten pancakes in a stack, already buttered and flowing with maple syrup. There was also only one fork and one knife.

            “Why is there only one set of utensils?” Diane asked.

            Troy was smiling.

            “Well, you have been making good on your promise lately, and I haven’t,” Troy said matter-of-factly. “So, this is the start of it.”

            “What are you talking about?” Diane asked, not quite getting what Troy meant.

            “You promised to give me the commoner’s treatment, remember?” Troy reminded her, and it did ring a bell in Diane’s mind. “And in exchange, I’ll give you the royal treatment.”

            “Oh,” Diane said when she realized the other end of their bargain. “And how is this breakfast going to treat me like a princess.”

            “Like so,” Troy picked up the knife and fork. He sliced an eighth of the entire stack and speared about four pieces. “Say ‘aah’,” Troy said as he slowly inched the pancake slices to her mouth.

            Diane smiled as she understood what it meant. She obliged and bent in to swallow the pancake slices.

            She chewed for a few seconds.

            “This tastes good,” Diane commended. “You are getting better at being a commoner.”

            “Well, I’m a quick learner,” Troy shrugged. “Besides, my teacher’s so good in teaching me.”

            “Well, she should get merits for it,” Diane teased.

            “And here it is,” Troy chuckled, and he fed Diane another bite.

            About halfway into the pancake, Diane felt full already.

            “I’m full,” Diane said to Troy.

            “Then I’ll eat the rest,” Troy assured, as Diane face seemed to strike the food a waste not to finish it. He began to slice another eighth when Diane’s hand stopped him.

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