A Fairy Tale Like No Other - Four

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Fourth Chapter

Their First Day Alone

            The whole of first week came by uneventfully. Classes were normal as usual, and since Troy and Diane had their classes together, they had spent much time together. The terror villainess Jermaine wads avoiding Diane at all costs, not wanting something like her dining hall humiliation to happen again.

            And then came Saturday.

            Diane woke up rather late, and it was such a lazy day, as she had a whole day with nothing to do. While thinking of what sort of activity she might want to do, she went out of her room to the bathroom to clean herself up. Just as she was about to step in, she slipped. She had stepped on the bar soap that was lying on where it shouldn’t be.

            “What the heck?” Diane said out loud. The bathroom was a mess. All of her toiletries as well as Troy’s were in an untidy mix-up.

            She went down to the first floor, but she stopped in horror. The sitting room as well as the dining room was also a mess.

            She was grumbling to herself. She was strict when it comes to the cleanliness of any place she’s staying in, noticing even the smallest speck of dust on a table; yet this horror of a mess had slipped her notice.

            “TROY!” She shouted from the foot of the stairs.

            There were slow thuds of footsteps, and Troy emerged on top of the stairs, wearing nothing but boxers.

            “Whassamatter?” he asked while he stretched and yawned.

            Diane was staring wide eyed. She never dreamed that Troy would have such a hard eight pack and smooth skin. She flushed just about Troy realized why Diane was staring at him.

            “Oh my—” Troy said as he dashed back to his room. There were banging noises and then he emerged wearing gray sweatpants and an oversized plain white tee.

            “So sorry about that,” Troy was so red with embarrassment.

            “Um, okay,” Diane replied rather timidly.

            There was no sound — Troy’s steps were so silent — but a warm, gentle hand grabbed her own and turned her. Troy’s hazel eyes were smoldering as Diane looked into them, making her look like a ripe tomato.

            “Sorry, really,” he said sincerely.

            She just nodded, and an awkward silence for Troy.

            “So,” Troy asked with pointed throat clearing. “Why are you so loud on a Saturday morning?”

            “Oh, yeah,” she said, her tone going hard as she placed her hands on her hips. “Why is the dorm a horrid mess?”

            “What? Oh,” Troy said when he had swept the place once.

            “Who cleans the dorm?” Diane repeated.

            “The cleaners,” he replied in a small voice.

            Diane sighed.

            “Where are the cleaning tools?” She asked, trying not to be angry, as it makes her to see Troy feel guilty. His face turns into a pouting child when he did so, complete with round, puppy-dog eyes.

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