A Fairy Tale Like No Other - Ten

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Tenth Chapter

The Princess’s Birthday


            Troy and Diane went to Thorpe Park the Saturday after Troy’s birthday. They got there by train, and because it was such a rare time that they get to spend time alone together, they made the tickets won by sheer luck count.

            Troy, as always, was so eager to ride on every ride there is. Like Diane had said, “He’s such a kid yet so mature and princely.”

            It was quite a fun day, and they were so exhausted on the way back home that they slept through the entire train ride back.

            When they got back, the first thing that Troy asked was this.

            “When is your birthday?” His face was so serious when he asked it, as he didn’t want a repeat of what happened during his own birthday.

            Diane smiled and giggled.

            “Just count eleven days after your birthday and that is my birthday,” Diane hinted.

            “Oh,” Troy said with bright eyes when he had counted it. “It’s a Friday, and it’s just perfect.”

            “Perfect for what?” Diane asked, wondering with euphoria as how Troy would plan her birthday.

            “You’ll see,” Troy said mysteriously. Diane kept on nagging Troy about it, but he never gave even one hint.

            The morning of her birthday the most perfect of mornings, for Diane’s parents were there to celebrate with her.

            “Happy birthday, Diane,” they both greeted her when she woke up.

            Diane was wide eyed for one moment, and then she jumped up and hugged her parents.

            “Oh, your father nearly got a heart attack when he answered the call of the prince of Verdona,” Diane’s mother said whose name was Amelia. “You have quite a charming boyfriend,” she added confidentially to Diane.

            “Oh, there’s more to him than just being Prince Charming,” Diane chuckled.

            “Well,” Diane’s father, Philip, cleared his throat. “Shall we go down now? I find the prince’s cooking quite exquisite and the breakfast he prepared himself is quite nice.”

            Diane eyed Troy, who was looking pointedly away with a smile.

            “And I must say,” Diane’s father continued loudly. He placed a hand on Troy’s shoulder. “You have my blessing to marry my daughter if you have the inclination to.”

            “What?!” Troy and Diane blurted out at the same time.

            “Oh, don’t rush them, Philip,” Lady Amelia chastised. “They still have quite a long time to be thinking such things,” Lady Amelia’s eyes however, held a glint that told Diane that she shared her father’s thoughts. She just sighed.

            When they went down, she pulled Troy close.

            “How did you know that I wanted my parents to be here on my birthday?” She asked him.

            “Boyfriend’s intuition,” Troy said with a wink and a killer smile.

            “Well that’s nice,” Diane commended him. “And here’s your reward.”

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