A Fairy Tale Like No Other - Six

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Sixth Chapter

His Confession and Her Answer

It was Monday afternoon, and Nathan, Kate, and Diane decided to eat beside the pond in the school grounds.

Mercifully, Nathan was not what you call an overbearing bodyguard. He’s not like anyone who would follow you anywhere; he just blends into the background and is almost unnoticeable. However, when Jermaine and her goons would come even within ten feet from Diane, he appears out of nowhere and steers Diane out of their line of fire.

Diane was thankful for it, despite the intimidation she feels when he appears. To top it off, he always carried a hunting crop that was as sinister as he is. He would thwack it and any aggressor of the school laws freezes and then runs for his life.

“Why do you carry that… thing with you?” Diane asked Nathan while they were eating.

“Oh, this?” Nathan raised the hunting crop. “Let’s just say it intensifies my authority,” and he laughed in a drawling was that sent chills down Diane’s spine.

Kate seemed unfazed.

“Hmph,” Kate rolled her eyes. “Just say you scare everyone out of their wits.”

“No,” Nathan was serious. “It’s just to make my point clear, even if I am not saying a word.”

“Wow, that’s so bold of you,” Kate retorted. “You wouldn’t be the head marshal of discipline if not for Troy’s good word.”

“Troy?” Diane’s asked, suddenly curious. “What has Nathan got to do with Troy?”

“Troy was my best bud when we were in Spencer High,” Nathan answered her. “He was quite a knuckle head back then, believe it or not. I was also the marshal of discipline back then. He was quite troublesome that I gave him an order of suspension from the headmaster to teach him a lesson. So great was my morning when the king and queen of Verdona came to my doorstep breathing like dragons down my throat.

“I resigned after that. His parents were just so scary. After his suspension, he came to me and apologized. As I refused to go back to being the marshal of discipline, he took up the post, and he asked me to help him, and from then on we became best buddies.

“We then went on to this place, the college side of the academy,” Nathan was about to conclude the narrative. “His naughtiness somehow remained in him, and I suddenly found myself with a request to be the college marshal of discipline. And on the lower part of the request was the signature of the headmaster… and him, the prince of Verdona and the head of the student council.”

“Oh? He’s the head of the student council?” Diane asked excitedly. “He never told me that…”

Two pairs of eyes were staring at her.

“What?” Diane asked them.

Kate cocked her head to one side.

“You always get excited when it comes to Troy,” Kate wondered.

“Yeah, and her curiosity peaks when Troy’s the topic,” Nathan added.

The both of them inched nearer.

“W-what are you doing?” Diane was backing away.

Kate and Nathan suddenly grinned like crazies.

“You like him, don’t you?” they drawled.

The instant she heard those word, about three things happened.

The first: her heart stopped.

The second: her heart picked up double speed.

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