A Fairy Tale Like No Other - Sixteen

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Sixteenth Chapter

True Love’s Kiss


Troy and Nathan went back to the hospital without ever speaking a word. When they asked for Diane, they were informed that she was transferred to a suite on the second floor.

When they opened the door, the first thing Troy saw was Diane lying still on the bed.

“How is she?” he asked Lady Amelia who was beside her daughter.

“She’s more or less good,” Lady Amelia said, but the reluctance in her tone said it wasn’t.

“What is to happen to her?” he pressed.

Lady Amelia’s eyes began to water.

“They said that they had neutralized everything,” Lady Amelia was sobbing out. “But this deathly pallor was the only one they can never find a solution to. If a solution can’t be found within twenty four hours… she… she…” Lady Amelia was lost in tears. The consoling arms of her husband and the queen embraced her.

“It was the effect of this poison,” Kate said to Troy gravely. “It was a poison that makes the victim only look like she’s dead, but she really isn’t, but somehow, Jermaine had made it into a poison that, when not countered with an antidote… she could die…”

Troy fell down listless, but Nathan caught him just in time.

“Don’t worry,” Nathan was assuring Troy. “We’re ransacking Jermaine’s room as of the moment. We’ll hear from the investigators soon enough.

On the darkness that now enveloped Troy, that single pinpoint of light was all he had to hold on to and put all his hopes on. It was now all or nothing.

It was now twenty two hours since Diane was poisoned, and all the persons in the room were waiting with bated breath as to the results of the investigations.

Troy was sitting beside Diane now, his eyes never leaving her face that was so beautiful even in… even in… but he can’t think of it… he wouldn’t allow himself to think of it.

There was a quiet knock on the door. Nathan opened it to see… Harriet and Georgina.

“What are you doing here?” Nathan asked them both.

“We heard… what happened,” Harriet said humbly.

“We came here as soon as we could,” Georgina said.

Nathan had no room for such sympathies.

“Look,” Nathan said irritably. “We don’t have time for dilly dallies. If you have some information, then feel free to say it, but if you just came to offer your sympathies, then go home, as it is too late.”

Nathan meant to slam the door in front of their faces, but Georgina stopped it.

“Listen please,” she pleaded. “Think however you want, but this is the last atonement we can offer to ourselves.”

Nathan considered it.

“Then what did you come here for?” Nathan asked them.

“We came here about the poison Jermaine gave to Diane,” Harriet said quietly.

At that statement, Troy’s head perked up.

“Nathan,” he said firmly. “Let them in.”

Nathan opened the door and ushered them in.

“You know of this?” Troy asked them both.

“Yes, we knew of the poison Jermaine formulated,” Georgina said. “It was called the Visage of Death.”

“It was a poison that makes its victims looks as if they’re dead,” Harriet continued. “The poison is deadly once it goes beyond twenty four hours.”

“Do you know how it can be countered?” Troy asked again.

“The only thing that the book said was that the person who drank the poison could only be cured of it if he or she is to feel the only thing that makes her alive.”

Troy was now confused.

“Alive? There are many things that could make a person feel alive,” Troy pointed out.

“Yes, it’s true,” Harriet said. “But… think about it. What does make Diane look alive and strong?”

At that instant, Troy knew the answer.

“Love,” was the only word he had uttered.

“This is absurd,” Nathan said, disbelief evident in his voice.

“Yes it is,” Kate agreed.

“This is no child’s tale,” Mr. Edwards said angrily.

“We can’t listen to these absurdities,” King Henry was indignant. He stood up to usher the girls out, but a look from Troy stopped him.

“Are you sure of it?” Troy asked in a hard tone.

They just nodded.

Troy looked at Diane’s face as he thought about it. In those times that they were together, he never really noticed it, but when he did try, he found that Diane’s life was now Troy’s, as his would forever be with hers. Every single moment that they spent together… was  the only moment the both of them felt they were really alive, and he could almost feel the truth in it, as if it was incarnated.

Troy held Diane’s hand and kissed it lightly.

“Diane,” he said softly. “This is the test of your eternal challenge to me. If I am indeed worthy of you, please… wake up…”

With passion so great, he bent down and kissed Diane tenderly.

The moment their lips touched, Troy felt warmth. Her lips, her face, everything… all of her felt warm.

All those in the room stared with utter shock as Diane’s arms moved and embraced Troy tightly.

Troy pulled away, and he looked into the bright, green, knowing eyes of Diane.

“I’m back,” She just said simply.

Without minding who was with them, not even the cheers that erupted in the room, Troy crushed his lips fiercely back to Diane’s own, and Diane took the sweetest, truest kiss of Troy’s love that she would remember for always.

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