A Fairy Tale Like No Other - Two

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Second Chapter

First Love’s Kiss


            The next day, the east dorm was abuzz, and Diane didn’t like any of it, as it was disturbing her. It was noisy outside, and she can’t have peace and quiet preparing herself.

            Just to annoy her further, the noise outside just got louder and Diane can’t take it anymore. So she opened the door, meaning to shout at everyone making a commotion, but then some people in suits came in and started to remove every article in her room that was hers.

            “What’s going on?” She asked everyone who are placing her things in boxes and her suitcase.

            “You are moving to a new dorm,” Troy spoke behind her.

            “Geez, you got to stop doing that,” Diane grumbled.

            “Sorry,” he apologized. “Why are you so grumpy?”

            Diane looked pointedly at the movers.

            “Oh, well, looking past that, come with me,” and Troy grabbed her hand and dragged her out of the east dorms.

            “Troy, where are you taking me?” Diane said through gritted teeth.

            “To your new dorms, of course,” He said with exhilaration.

            As Diane’s steps were smaller and Troy’s were bigger, they trudged around the school in a slow pace.

            “We’re getting nowhere,” and he lifted Diane like a baby, and they moved faster.

            “PUT — ME — DOWN!” Diane screamed. She was rather having a fabulous morning.

            Well, he did put her down, when they got to a small building. Troy inserted the key in the lock and unlocked it.

            They went in and Diane stopped dead in her tacks.

            She found herself inside an Edwardian style dining room and sitting room. Next to the front door was a staircase.

            Troy dragged her upstairs and opened a door near the staircase.

            “Here,” he handed her the key to the room. “Here is your new dorm.”

            Inside was a four poster bed with a blue canopy, and so were the sheets and the walls. An Edwardian style dresser lay next to it. The house seemed Edwardian all through.

            “It’s… beautiful…” was all Diane can say.

            “Well, it should be,” Troy said without a care. “It’s my personal dorm.”

            Diane froze.

            She turned slowly and glared at Troy.

            “Your dorm?” She asked, turning red with anger.

            “D-did I do something wrong?” Troy asked, feeling suddenly uncomfortable.

            “YOU DID NOT TELL ME!” She screamed.

            “W-well, I thought that… in exchange… of what you promised to treat me… I would give you the treatment worthy of a princess… courtesy of me,” Troy said sheepishly.

            Diane just continued to glare.

            “I… I’ll just ask them to bring it back,” Troy turned to head back to Diane’s dorm.

            Diane sighed.

            “Wait,” she said in a guilty voice.

            “What is it?” he asked back in a sullen voice.

            She walked towards him and hugged him. The instant she did that, Troy’s heart beat faster. Strange… he thought to himself.

            “You will tell me the next time you are to do something that involves… well, me,” she said with a smile.

            “Okay,” he nodded, and then he slowly bent down and kissed her.

            It was quite a long moment, then he pulled away.

            Both of them stared at each other for one long moment, then they became wide eyed.

            “I, um, need to get prepared for class,” he said, and he dashed out of the room in a daze.

            Diane touched her lips gently. It was still warm.

            A small giggle escaped her lips.

            A loud ruckus of a shout was heard next door which made her jump. It was Troy… feeling happy…

            “What a splendid morning,” she whispered to herself as she lied down on the bed, flushed and hot from what just occurred.

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