A Fairy Tale Like No Other - Thirteen

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Thirteenth Chapter

Sweet Dreams and Living Nightmares of the Christmas Ball


            Jermaine’s plan is already set. In her hand was that vile test tube containing the poison. All she needs now is for Diane to attend.

            For months, Jermaine had been trying to get to slip the poison unawares under Diane’s nose, but she seemed to have a gift for eluding her. She never saw her without Kate or Nathan or Troy or all of the three. It was making her literally gnash her teeth in anger as she is made to see the sweetness of the prince and Diane around school.

            Then the ball came. It suddenly became her perfect opportunity to do it. In her mind, she thought that Diane wouldn’t be around those three all the time. She could just slip in and place a drop of the poison into her drink without Diane ever noticing that she was there, and she prides herself in the art of stealth.

            It was now the twenty fourth of December, and it was nearly seven in the evening. At that exact time, she went out of her dorm wearing a fairy tale’s nightmare: a witch of terrible whiteness and beauty with a heart as black as night. Yes, she wore the costume of the white witch of Narnia.

            The ball was held in the large dining hall, as the outside was heavy with snow and cold with the winter air.

            As Jermaine walked towards the hall, she got eyes looking her way. She was ecstatic that the attention was coming back to her. So great was her conceit that she did not notice how those eyes were looking at her. The eyes following her were the ones of loathing and pity.

            Jermaine was unaware of this even as she strode into hall holding her head high. She was enjoying it so much that she never had the inclination to look at them. She was such a conceited witch.

            The first thing she looked for was Diane. She wasn’t there yet, but that terrible marshal of discipline and his girlfriend is. She slipped into the crowd quickly, not one soul noticing she was there. And there she waited for her prey to appear.

            Troy was now dressed in the best costume he could think of: the suit of the prince in Beauty and the Beast. It was a classic suit he personally asked to be made for him downtown. It just came two days before the ball, and it was just stunning.

            The blue overcoat was just right to fit him snugly down to his waist and flare out elegantly down to its edges. The black pants were just right to match it as well as the leather shin guards. To complete his look, his long hair was tied in only a single black ribbon.

            He smiled to his own image when he saw for how he looked like in it for the first time. It was simply magnificent.

            The only thing that made his image unattractive was his sad face.

            As hard as he was trying, Diane’s leaving was still making him unhappy. The day he received the letter that informed him of his parents’ coming, he was so ecstatic to find in it that they would want to meet his girlfriend that had stolen his heart. It was the reason why he wanted for Diane to not go home, but he wouldn’t want to hurt her like he did the day of his birthday, so he conceded with gentleman’s grace.

            Not wanting to ruin the festivities of the day, he shook his head violently and smiled the best smile he could put on, and failed miserably. When he smiled, he looked much like the beast himself.

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