A Fairy Tale Like No Other - Fourteen

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Fourteenth Chapter

The Demise of the Villainess


            Jermaine was laughing like crazy as she wandered aimlessly through the empty corridors of the school. She had finally had her revenge.

            “Troy…” Jermaine uttered his name in a sickly sweet manner. “You have nothing to go to but to me…” and she cackled so high that the walls seemed to shudder by the horror the sound expressed.

            “Is that what you think?” Someone said in a deadly voice which made Jermaine freeze to where she stood. She turned slowly to see the marshal of discipline standing a few feet from her.

            “Yeah, so what?” Jermaine spat at him.

            “Curious is this little plot of yours, isn’t it?” Nathan drawled sinisterly, making Jermaine’s skin crawl. “I thought you have abandoned Diane for good, but it is not so… I wonder why that is?”

            “Why’d you ask?” Jermaine said with evident panic.

            “Tell me, are you so desperate that you would go to such lengths as to poison Diane to death?” He asked in the same deadly voice.

            The panic of Jermaine was making her answer the ones she wasn’t supposed to say.

            “I… SHE STOLE MY ONE AND ONLY LOVE FROM ME!” She shouted. She rummaged around her purse and took out the test tube. “This… this is the only answer to end all of my sufferings!” and she was laughing.

            “Why is that?”

            “Why, you ask? It’s because Diane can never wake up from it! HAHAHAHAHAHA!”

            She then looked Nathan straight into his eyes.

            “The poison I gave her will only make her look as if she’s dead, but she really isn’t. But what’s the difference? They couldn’t know what it is, and I wouldn’t let you out here alive, so she’s as good as dead!” She snapped her fingers as if to signal someone. She snapped again and again, but no one came.

            It was now Nathan’s turn to laugh, and it was the most terrifying laugh Jermaine had heard.

            “You forget, you scared your friends to death that they left you here alone,” he said with implied threat as he inched closer to her. Jermaine was now cowering with fear.

            Nathan closed in on her, and he grabbed the test tube from her hands.

            “Game’s up,” he whispered to her ears as he drew slowly back.

            Jermaine was so enraged that her hand flew and aimed for Nathan’s neck, but Kate’s hand caught it in time.

            “Didn’t you hear? Game’s up!” She said with fierce courage as she punched Jermaine senseless to the ground.

            “That’s for everything you’ve done,” Kate spat to the unconscious Jermaine.

            “Did you get it?” Nathan asked excitedly.

            Kate showed him the tape recorder.

            “All of it,” Kate said with a wicked grin.

            The two of them tied Jermaine by the hands and feet and locked her in her room. Before they left, they took out every sharp object within the room and threw it out.

            “Now, let’s head for the hospital,” Kate said, and with all haste, they went out of the school and into town.

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