A Fairy Tale Like No Other - Three

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Third Chapter

The Villainess


            The news of Diane’s transfer had spread around the school like wildfire, and it had reached by gossip to Jermaine Thatcher, the spoiled princess-that-was-not of Spencer Academy.

            To most people, Jermaine was known to be the most exceptionally beautiful at the academy; heck, everyone adored her just for that. However, that beauty was only on the outside; she was the meanest girl to have ever stepped on Spencer Academy on the inside.

            Unfortunately, she was also the labeled “girlfriend” of prince Troy. She had always spent her days by Troy’s side, trying to make him fall for her. Sometimes, Troy indulged her, and at other times he avoided her, and most of the time, he was cold to her, and it showed everyday as Troy sat on the Spencer Elite’s table.

            She was always seen going about around the school with her two “goons” as the student body likes to call it. They were Georgina Caldwell, a woman with no figure but a large round bottle, and Harriet Blake, a thin hag that also looks like a hag, and it is from this two that the news reached Jermaine’s ears.

            “She’s been the talk of school,” Georgina said.

            “And she was always with the prince,” Harriet added. The both of them sounded bitter.

            “Is that so?” Jermaine said in her high-pitched voice. “Well then, we should teach this wannabe a lesson.”

            At lunch a most wonderful thing happened in the dining hall.

            “So it is true,” Kate said with awe. “He did transfer you to another dorm. His dorm, even… What’s he like?”

            “Like a child,” Diane laughed at what happened this morning. “He acts so much like one, but he’s a fine gentleman at that.”

            Kate’s eyes went round like they were about to fall out of their eye sockets.

            “You look strange,” Diane was inching herself from her.

            Kate returned to reality.

            “I guess, she would—” Kate was saying, but someone cut her off.

            “Oh yes, I heard alright,” Jermaine was standing in the entrance, her face like a dragon in her anger.

            “Heard what?” Diane asked her coolly.

            “Playing dumb, eh?” Jermaine sneered. “The prince hates dumb women.”

            “I’m not dumb,” Diane continued in that same cool manner. “I’m valedictorian of Riverdale High.”

            Jermaine was stumped. She was about to speak, but Diane still ranted on.

            “And while we’re on the subject of wits, I suggest you use it to make yourself look beautiful,” she singled out Georgina first. “You could use some losing weight,” she advised. Next was Harriet. “You should see a dermatologist and a plastic surgeon. You look like a hag,” she taunted. And last was Jermaine. “And as for you… Get a body makeover. You sicken me.”

            Jermaine’s hand flew and aimed for Diane’s face, but Diane had grabbed it in the nick of time.

            “Of all the ladies that you would cross,” Diane implied a threat. “You’re wrong to cross me…

            Diane began to twist Jermaine’s arm, and Jermaine twisted in pain. When her screams echoed throughout the hall, Diane let her arm go.

            Diane looked straight into Georgina’s and Harriet’s terrified eyes.

            “What? Would you dare?” Diane was looking murderous.

            The goons, scared silly, ran out of the dining hall screaming on top of their lungs.

            “You,” Jermaine threatened, standing up and massaging her arm. “You’ll pay… YOU’LL PAY!” and then she stormed out of the dining hall.

            For a moment the hall was silent, and then cheers erupted throughout the hall.

            “You did it!” Kate was jumping up and down and shaking her hand, being prim and proper forgotten.

            Arms were then around her waist, and she was lifted up in the air.

            “You’re simply amazing!” Troy was spinning her around in a tight hug. “And… remind me never to touch your bad side,” he added in a low voice.

            The news of the princess-that-was-not’s “dethroning” by Diane was the talk of the whole school that went throughout the night. Diane wasn’t happy about it.

            “I’m so sick being congratulated left and right,” she complained to Troy after they had their dinner. “Even the professors were congratulating me.”

            “Well, they have reason enough,” Troy teased. Diane smacked Troy’s arm lightly, and the both of them laughed. After they had strolled around to push down the food they ate, they went back to their dorm, did their homework, and went to bed.

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