A Fairy Tale Like No Other - One

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Many of us dream of our very own fairy tale, right? Something along the dreamy romances of Cinderella, Snow White, Aladdin, and so many others that would make anyone AND everyone go wild with their fantasies of magic and wonder to make someone fall in love with them, even once in their dreams.

But then, it’s just in fairy tales and fantasies; no one can find a story as enchanting as those that once made us happy when we were children. But what if… you suddenly find yourself in a story unlike any other, with twists and turns that just leaves you mesmerized and makes you do nothing but say, “It’s just like magic”?

Such was the story of one who’s a nobody yet charming, gentle, headstrong and exceptionally beautiful, like a princess… and another who’s a true princely figure wanting nothing but for him to be recognized as an equal by another… in a story told in the lines “Once upon a time”…

First Chapter

The Prince meets the Princess


            It was the first day of the fall of the year 2010, and it was yet again a busy time for Spencer Academy, as college freshmen are pouring in again from different parts of the world. It was a prestigious academy in England which takes its pride on the arts and sciences. Among the many that came to this school was Diane Edwards.

            Diane was, by birth, a rich girl. Her parents gained much from their winery they own in the countryside. For a time, they lived in luxury spending money like it was nothing more than just another object around. However, a hurricane struck their fields, and much were destroyed that they never recovered from the unfortunate event.

            At the time, Diane was just about to finish high school. Her parents worried on how they would send their only daughter to college. Diane, seeing the tight spot she was in, tried her luck in applying for a scholarship. Not a single school accepted her but one, and that is Spencer Academy.

            Diane was a plain girl, wearing nothing but the most ordinary of pants and the most ordinary of blouses. On her feet were nothing but ordinary flats and on her head was nothing but a head band. However, what makes her a stand-out in the crowd was her elegant oval face with a rosy cheeks, full red lips, green eyes, and long black wavy hair that went down to the middle of her back. To top it off, she had a naturally white skin that accented her beauty. Beautiful as she may seem, her plainness overshadows it.

            On her right hand, she pulled along a suitcase and on the other was a small piece of paper with the number of her dorm. It was 142 on the east side of the school.

            As the school places much trust on the students, they had never placed a separate building for boys and girls dormitories. They had just let them be on the same building with one dorm for each of the fifty thousand students that go there each year.

            Much later, Diane found herself in front of the door of her dorm with the key on the doorknob. She turned it and entered.

            Inside was a single bed with a study table next to it. On the far corner was a large dresser with a mirror on top, and next to the door of her room was another door that leads to the bathroom.

            “Home sweet home,” she muttered to herself monotonously as she dropped her things and flopped down on the bed for rest. She would fix her things later.

            It was three in the afternoon when she arrived to school, which meant that she has four hours before dinner, which was by seven in the evening.

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