A Fairy Tale Like No Other - Epilogue

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Happily Ever After

            It has now been four years, and Diane, now a soon-to-be graduate of Spencer Academy, was sitting on the bench near the large pond in the castle grounds. It was sunset, and Diane was spending her last day at the school that held memories both good and bad.

            “Sitting alone again?” Troy said, peering down on her from behind.

            “No, I’m just waiting for you,” Diane smiled at him, and he sat beside her, placing an arm around her waist and pulling her close to him.

            “Do you remember your very first day here?” Troy asked her, nostalgia coloring his tone.

            “How could I forget?” Diane replied. “You were such a nervous wreck when you first met me.”

            “I was not,” Troy teased.

            “Was to,” Diane teased back.

            “Was not.”

            “Was to, and you know it!”

            The both of them just laughed.

            “It seemed like a lifetime ago,” Diane whispered as she looked into the setting sun.

            Troy smiled as he just kept silent, watching the sunset with rapt attention.

            “I wish that it wouldn’t end,” Diane said sadly. “I wish we wouldn’t be apart.”

            Troy just kept silent.

            “Troy?” Diane asked. “Why the long silence?”

            Troy looked at her with something that Diane knew was that there was something Troy was up to. Troy looked away suddenly as he rummaged for something. He held something up. It was a small box.

            “Do you remember that challenge you dared me to take?” Troy asked speculatively.

            “Yes, why?” Diane replied with confusion.

            “Because… if I had truly proven myself worthy of you these past four years,” Troy said with intense emotions. “Then would you answer truthfully this question?”

            Troy stood up and went down on one knee. Diane was wide eyed as she recognized what he was doing.

            “Diane Edwards,” he said with heartfelt love. “I swear that I will love you truly, as I have these past four years that we have been together. Will you marry me?” Troy then opened the box that contained the very same sapphire ring he hid for so many years.

            Diane was so happy she couldn’t speak. She began to cry.

            Troy stood up and hugged her.

            “Diane, what’s wrong?” Troy asked with concern.

            Diane shook her head.

            “Not wrong,” Diane was trying to say amidst her tears of joy. “Right…”

            Diane then took the ring and placed it into her ring finger.

            “Yes,” Diane said with exultation. “Yes, I do want to marry you!”

            They were the happiest couple that day, as they had finally made the promise to stay with each other forever.

            And so, Prince Troy and the newly crowned Princess Diane were wedded in one spectacular wedding with Kate as the maid of honor and Nathan as the best man. The entire Verdona rejoiced as the two proclaimed their love in a ceremonial symbol as old at time.

            Their story still continues on, but no words can describe its pure joy. For now, until better words can be uttered, it would suffice to say that they lived happily ever after…

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